Thursday, November 14, 2013

Missed Intentions

I didn't write last night.  I should have.  That's really the only reason I am writing tonight even though I don't really feel like it and I don't feel like I have much to write about.

I went to work today.  I got a lot of stuff done.  That needed to be done.  Jess was in today which was awesome because I really do miss having her around.  Maybe I'm delusional but I feel like I can tell when someone has genuinely positive feelings about me, and I think that she does.  I hope that she does, because I have genuinely positive feelings about her.

I had a brief moment of massive unhappiness today after I posted a status on Facebook about my BFF Colorado Kate having a very important weekend coming up.  I posted that she and her fiancee are in my thoughts and that I'm sending them all my love on their trip this weekend, and she got mad at me because apparently that was indicative of her getting married and people started blowing up her FB and her phone when she got off the plane.  She thought I'd overstepped some boundaries and blown the cover, though I felt that I had been as vague as I could be while still being heartfelt.  I guess I was wrong.

I met up with Ethan and some more of his coworkers at Twin Peaks after work and had a beer and some bar food and then came home and now it's bedtime.  Ethan is here with me and I am feeling quite tranquil and calm.  I really do like this guy an awful lot.

Yesterday, I got to ride my motorcycle.  A lot.  I rode it down to Denver, and back to Louisville and finally back home and the weather was perfect and it was beautiful.  That part made me happiest yesterday.  I had to see my therapist, which sort of ruined my good mood for a few minutes because it got real heavy real quick and I'd been kind of able to not think much about anything and was doing just fine that way.  Anyway, that was the high point of my day yesterday, aside from making Ethan a delicious spaghetti dinner and spending the evening in his arms.

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  1. And who can forget your world renowned asparagus! I owe you big time. Maybe I'll just pay you back with more magical eggnog.

    ColoKate could have just been really overwhelmed with the stress of the weekend. You'll have to do something special for her when she gets back.