Monday, September 5, 2011

A Morning Post

Yup.  I didn't write anything yesterday.  I blame my emotions. Which is really the whole basis for the that won't work...

I left FL yesterday, leaving my parents there.  My dad was supposed to come with me, but he was too hungover to move so he changed his flight to today.  He got his mom a flight today, too.

I spent my morning re-packing and sitting with my mom going through a few of my grandpa's things.  I took about 20-25 bottles from his wine collection, with my grandpa's wife sitting there "watching" me to make sure I didn't take anything she wanted.  I only took one bottle that didn't have a duplicate in the collection and it was a 2004 bottle.  She wouldn't appreciate it anyway.  I wanted to check the boxes with the wine in it at the airport, but that wasn't possible, so I had to leave them behind.  My aunt and uncle will have to figure out some way to ship them to me.  I wanted my grandpa's big flatscreen TV too, but I doubt I'll see that, even though his wife is blind and can't use it anyway.

So I left.  I got emotional on the flight, which I tried to sleep through most of, and again on the shuttle to the parking lot.  I am trying to imagine what it will be like not to hear about what a pain in the ass my grandpa is being and what shenanigans he's gotten into with someone that pissed him off.  My poor mom was totally incompetent yesterday from the combination of stress and grief and anxiety and lack of sleep and alcohol.  She had a lot of trouble using her brain.  She plans to take the week off of work so that she can get her shit together enough to go back to work next week.

She is now an orphan.  Both her parents have died.  It makes me sad.  Her dad was an asshole, a bastard, a crotchety old bugger, but she still loved him because he was her dad.  She's really upset that he's gone, and even more upset that he took her and her brother out of the will.  She was supposed to have had a conversation with his wife about that last night, but I don't know if it actually happened.

I've got a ton of energy today so I need to use it to my advantage so I'm ending it here.  I am probably going to go get my parents this afternoon, and I get to see the kiddos today, and I have a little homework to get caught up on, but I'll write again later to keep up with the having-to-write-every-day thing.

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