Friday, September 23, 2011

A Stir

I don't know what to write about today.  I'm kind of sick of writing about how miserable I've been feeling and what I think it is that is making me feel this way.  Obviously I'm tired of feeling this way, and I'm tired of complaining about it. 

I got to the office this morning to find yet another note from Anna on my desk.  It was a copy of an invoice from the company that we lease our postage machine from.  It had written in red ink on it, "Copy," and "Beth, please do not change the address on any of our accounts.  If there is a question, leave it for me.  I have had to change this back to us 3 times now. - Anna"  This account was held by the company that formerly managed this building, before the company I work for took over.  The name of that company is still on the account.  Somehow, the mail still comes to us, but the address on the account gets changed to the address where that former company is located now (which just happens to be Broadway Suites, where I used to work).  This pisses Anna off to no end.  It's not like we're not getting the bills despite the address change, they're still coming to this office, but she has had to call them, three times, apparently.  Anyway, I know that I haven't called to change the address, and she asks me every time she gets a new bill why I did it, and asks me not to.  So this time, I'm playing her game.  I made a copy of the note she left me, wrote "Copy" on it, and wrote, "Anna, I have told you 3 times that I did not change anything.  Please stop blaming me. - Beth"  Hopefully that will have some effect.  We'll see.

My refund from the cleanse company came in, so I'm about $300 richer now.  Which helps a LOT.  That, and I still had almost $800 of the first grants/loan that came in, in savings, and then another $1800 came in, so I have quite a bit of money in my bank account now.  So I went ahead and bought myself the new laptop I'd had picked out for awhile.  I got a 1-year extended warranty on it, and I plan to treat it as though it were made out of the most delicate glass on Earth.  But then I'll be able to actually use it as a laptop, which is crazy exciting.  It's been more than a year since I had the ability to use my laptop as an actual laptop.  Now I can buy cool accessories for it so it doesn't overheat and stuff.  I didn't choose the Microsoft Office that they wanted to make it come with, and saved a couple hundred dollars.  I can buy it separately on Amazon for $100 less than that.  So once it comes, that's what I'll do.  I also got free 2-day shipping on it.  And I plan to do a full once-over on it to make sure that there's nothing wrong with it like there was with my now-laptop, which had a problem when it came.  In 2007.

I can also go and get new running shoes now.  So that's something I'll do in the morning-time tomorrow.  I plan to take Phoenix and Nali on a couple of runs, and to the big dog park while it's warm this weekend, and since I'm dog-sitting Nali while Meredi is gone this weekend.

The only thing I really, really want to do this weekend is drink.  Stay slightly drunk all weekend.  Go running.  Enjoy the weather.  And try to feel better.  If it will help, I don't know.

I took a whole Ativan this morning when I saw the note from Anna.  I felt pretty goofy for awhile, but now I feel just plain fine.  In a better mood.  Not so edgy, irritable, easily annoyed.  I don't know if it was the pill, or the fact that I feel okay now that I have some money. 

Hopefully I can get back up on my horse next week.  I'm not going to push it, and I'm going to be good to myself this weekend.

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