Sunday, September 4, 2011

Most Interesting and Unusual Day, Ever

It's 2am and I haven't posted anything yet, and I'm going to bed now. So here's the highlights for my day:

Had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast (LOVE the East coast)
Went to my grandfather's funeral. Cried a lot. He had military honors, a 21-gun salute and Taps. It was open casket. That was hard.
Went to his American Legion for the reception. Got groped by several OLD men, and by old, I mean over 70. That's a first for me.
Went to the beach. First time I've ever gone to a beach alone. I swam, collected seashells and fell asleep.
Observed my father be very drunk (not the first time for that).
Had Thai for dinner.
Fell asleep and woke up to my parents returning from the bar, my dad being about twice as drunk as earlier in the evening. I've never seen him this drunk. I've seen my mom this drunk, but not him. He could hardly walk up the driveway.
Took my mom to get cigarettes at the CVS on the corner where my grandpa used to drive his scooter and they told my mom how sorry they were to hear the news. She was amazed they knew.
And lastly, got my first famous follower on Twitter - @TheBloggess.

Hoping to hit the beach tomorrow morning before my flight. Not too optimistic considering my dad's present condition. I love going to the beach with my parents.

Also hoping to get my grandpa's wine collection and flatscreen TV from his wife. Again, not terribly optimistic. But she doesn't drink and she's blind. There may be a chance.

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