Sunday, November 3, 2013

Two Day's Worth of Posts

Well, it looks like I completely forgot to write anything last night.  I put in 5 hours of work yesterday, all told, and I think by 11pm I was tired of being on the computer and literally just did not think about writing anything.

Yesterday wasn't that exciting anyway.  I slept in until 11:15am and then when I did get up, the only thing I did was finish payroll for work.  When I finished that, I thought about doing a few things like sweeping up the leaves that are all over the place out front, and taking the dogs to the dog park, but then I decided that taking a nap was a better idea, so I laid down for like two hours.  Then I went to my parents house for dinner, spent some time with the kiddos, took little S girl with me to wash my car for the first time since camping, and that was that.  By the time I got home I was pretty tired but I needed to do some work for the attorney that I do some bookkeeping for on the side - mostly just time entries - so I got through the entire month of September for her and then did some extra housekeeping on a few accounts and called it quits.

This morning I had plans to get some breakfast with my friend Ethan, so I had to get up before 9am in order to get ready.  We had breakfast at a really cute, and very popular place in Old Town Louisville, and then decided to take the dogs to the dog park.  We took them for a nice long walk around the loop at the big dog park in Westminster, then took them to the do-it-yourself doggie-wash place on 287 on the way home because Nali was already so stinky and she had a lot of fun just laying straight down in the nasty pond at the park both when we got there and after we walked the long loop.  After watching both puppies down nice and thoroughly, we headed home and just sat and had some margaritas and talked while we watched Napoleon Dynamite in the background.  Before we knew it it was 4pm, so we went to the liquor store to get some more to drink (he makes a drink called an Angry Fireball - it's Angry Orchard cider and Fireball whiskey and it's DELICIOUS), and decided to try and get him all caught up on Walking Dead before the new episode tonight, which we did!

We ordered some Chinese food and Ethan ran to get it, and then spent the rest of the evening on Walking Dead and it was nice, and relaxing, and altogether just glorious.  I feel like I finally relaxed.

And now I have tomorrow off.  I don't have to go in to work, though I have some work to get done.  Since I didn't finish the billing for my attorney lady, I need to get that entered, and I have some Hapa work to get done too.  The weather is supposed to get yucky tomorrow so it's a good day to sleep in and just work from home.  I'm not going to get this week's homework done tonight, either, but I can do it tomorrow.

That said, I'm kind of exhausted from today and I really want to get to sleep so that I can try and wake up at a reasonable hour tomorrow and get a lot of stuff done, or at least start chipping away at it as best I can, since that's really the best I can do at this point...

Today was a good day, though.  I felt pretty relaxed most of the day, though when it hit me how much work I had to do for the attorney, and work, and homework, I had a momentary breakdown, but it passed because we were on our way to the doggie-wash place and I didn't really have a choice, and it helped a lot to have something else to focus on (washing the dogs), and I was able to move on from that.  Chinese food was super yummy.  Walking Dead was good.  Now I'm gonna snuggle into bed with my pup and get some good sleep.  Here's hoping this week is at least a step up from the last one.

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