About Me

 The purpose of this blog is twofold: 
1.) To increase awareness of mental health and mental illness, while decreasing some of the stigma attached to people with mental illness.
2.) A goal for myself to increase my own functionality as I live with and surrounded by family with mental illness, as well as an opportunity to "empty my head" (so to speak) of all of the thoughts that clutter my mind every day.

I've been diagnosed with:
Major Clinical Depression (recurrent)
Borderline Personality Disorder

I currently take:
Effexor 75mg daily
Levothyroxine 75mcg daily 
Oral Birth Control daily, continuously

My dog Phoenix and I live with my parents (currently) and we're hoping to move out around March of 2011.  I have two sisters, two nephews and a niece.  I see a therapist twice monthly.

I've got three years of undergraduate work done in the field of Anthropology and I hope to finish my last year or so at the University of Colorado at Boulder as soon as possible.  The last terms of school I did were during the summer of 2008, but because I had to be hospitalized due to my depression I had to withdraw from classes, and I have not resumed my studies yet.  

I have my EMT-B-IV certification, but am not currently working in the field of Emergency Medicine.  I work at a building in Downtown Boulder called The Registry.