Thursday, September 8, 2011

It Takes Energy To Title a Post And I'm Out

The usual. So tired. School didn't suck total monkey balls today, so that's good. I got my missed homework assignments and found out that pretty much everyone in my Judaism class didn't understand the reading assignments from yesterday. Which makes me feel like I don't hate the class quite so much. I did my workout at the gym, same as Tuesday except without all the weights. I just did arms today. We got out of lab an hour early and I went straight to my parents house to get the puppy, who I loaned to my parents last night. Right now I need to do my core ab work and take a shower but I feel pretty energetically drained. I may doze a bit now and do it later. We will see. Holy cow. I need to borrow someone's energy. So exhausted. And feeling guilty for eating so much at dinner. Blah.

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