Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursdays Are My Favorite

I made it through the day and I actually feel okay.  I did everything I was supposed to do today - went to the Lafayette court to fight my ticket, went to school, went to a synagogue for a Rosh Hashannah service, went to the gym, and went to my Anatomy lab.  I'll start at the beginning.

I left the house at about 8:10 this morning to get to the court early, just in case I needed to be there.  I got there, went in, and went to the little window to check in.  They pulled the file that had my information in it and the lady told me the prosecutor wanted to offer me a plea deal of 2 points and a $115 fine.  Rationally, I did my best to make a quick decision about that, and took it.  I didn't like it, but after weighing my options, I figured that it was my best option, given that I had about a 50/50 chance to have it taken off my record, and probably less of a chance.  If I'd gone in to see the judge I probably would have had to pay court fines on top of whatever the judge decided, and I figured that $115 wasn't so bad compared to the $250 I had budgeted out as the maximum I'd have to pay.  I'm not thrilled it's on my record, and now I know that I'll pretty much NEVER get an EMT job for an ambulance company, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I got done with that and got back to my house by before 8:30am, so I changed my clothes real quick and headed to school.  The good news about the court thing being really quick was that I wouldn't be late for or miss class.  I got there about 15 minutes early and sat and talked with my class-buddy until class started.  She's a fun girl.

After that I had to go to a Rosh Hashannah service someplace, and I'd chosen to go to an Orthodox Hassidic service that was just off campus to get the most out of it, and it was super interesting.  It was mostly in Hebrew, but the book (hymnal?  It's a hymnal in Christianity) had translations, but I definitely had trouble following it.  I had really no idea what to expect, and bunch of my classmates were there, but I was dressed in sweats and everyone else looked nice. I was also the only blonde person in the room.  They had dividers down the center of the room, separating the men from the women.  I almost tried to sit in the men's section, but I was able to realize what was going on before that happened.  All the guys were in suits.  I stayed for just over an hour, until just after the shofar (blowing of the sheep's horn), and left so I would have enough time at the gym.  Although I knew I was totally out of place, and felt extremely conspicuous, I didn't feel weird while I was there.  I did the best I could to look like I knew what was going on (although I didn't touch the Torah with the book, or kiss the book like everyone else).  I felt welcome and almost at home.  I would definitely consider converting to Judaism if I had to in order to marry someone.  Terribly interesting.  Also, the Rabbi was a total stereotypical Hassidic Jew, with the long, wiry beard and the almost New York accent, using Hebrew words like "schlep."

I rode my bike back to campus and went to the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the stair machine and then 15 on the treadmill so I would have time to do some weights.  I should maybe do the treadmill first so my legs aren't so tired next time.  I could barely run 1.3 miles.  I had to keep slowing down and stopping.  After that, I ran down to the weight room and did only about 100 total reps of like 75lbs of the arm weight machines.  I felt like throwing up and I could barely move my arms afterward, so I at least feel like I did enough work, even though it was quick.

After that was Anatomy lab, which I had to go to get caught up from everything I missed the last two labs.  Some of my classmates and I decided to form a study group, and I feel like I have a way better grasp of the forearm and lower leg muscles than I had last time.  We went over to the room next door to look at the other two cadavers we'll be tested on, and the other TA is SOOOO much better than ours.  She's more confident, she knows the material better and she's just all-around a better teacher.  Next week is all review of everything, so I think I'll get o spend more time in her classroom learning from her.  I feel a lot better about all of the stuff I missed, though.

And now I'm home.  I called my mom to see if she'd gotten all the stuff done she needed to get done today, and turns out she and my dad and little sister are in Iowa.  They decided to go to my cousin's wedding, but neglected to tell me.  Which is pretty upsetting considering I spend a good portion of my weekends over at their house, even when the kids aren't there.  I have no idea what I'm going to do this weekend, now.  I feel like I should try to find stuff to do with people but that also sounds like a lot of work.  I know I can spend a lot of time exercising - we'll go running and I'll hit the gym, maybe clean and rearrange my room or something.  I have a couple of people I can call if I decide I really need social interaction.  Maybe I'll go out with my new class-buddy.  She's a bit of a partier.  My dad just texted me and told me it was a last-minute decision and that if I want to hop in the car and drive to Iowa there's room for me and Phoenix.  But I can't take off work this last-minute and expect to have a job when I get back.

As for the rest of things, I think I must have been really freaking out about traffic court and getting caught up in Anatomy because now that those things are done, I feel quite a bit better.  I might bring both my computers to work tomorrow to spend some time transferring music and pictures from my old one to my new one.  And since I'm finished with Lost, I will have to find things to do to occupy my time.  I assume it's going to go by really slowly.

I (again) slept like shit last night, waking up every once in awhile to move around.  I think I'll take another Ambien tonight and try to get a decent amount tonight.

Honestly, in the back of my mind I'm considering the drive to Iowa....considering...But I don't think my car would survive the trip and I don't want to pay the $160 in gas.  Even though it would be a fun trip and it might be the last time I see my grandma...

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