Saturday, October 9, 2010

A quick one for today

Symptoms of dysthymic disorder (chronic, mild depression) must persist for at least two years in adults (one year in children) to meet criteria for the diagnosis. Dysthymic disorder affects approximately 1.5 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year.  This figure translates to about 3.3 million American adults.*

Well, right now is about the only time I've got to write anything.  I stayed late at work today to finish a mailing for Holly, went shopping after that and then came home to hang out with my puppy.  I'm just about to start getting ready for the big night out, and I'm super excited.  I have a lot of friends coming, plus both my sisters, and we've never been able to go out all three of us before!  It's just perfect timing!

I'm pretty proud that I'm on day 4 of writing continuously.  I spoke to a possible psychiatrist today, but she charges up the ass for visits and doesn't really take insurance, though, so it might not work out with her.  We'll see.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, I may go movie-hopping tomorrow (going to the movies, paying for one, but seeing three or four), and then I have a game Sunday and then I usually take Phoenix to the dog park after my Sunday games.  So I'll be getting some exercise.

Anyway, I have to go to the bank before it closes so that's it for today.  Feeling good, euphoric, mostly just excited for tonight, and I know it will dissipate as the night goes on, and be gone by tomorrow.  I'm just hoping for a fun and relaxing night with people who care about me!**

**This was written on October 8th, I just didn't have time to format and hit post before I left!

*National Institute of Mental Health: The Numbers Count: Mental Health Disorders in America. <>.
Kessler RC, Chiu WT, Demler O, Walters EE. Prevalence, severity, and comorbidity of twelve-month DSM-IV disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCS-R). Archives of General Psychiatry, 2005 Jun;62(6):617-27.
U.S. Census Bureau Population Estimates by Demographic Characteristics. Table 2: Annual Estimates of the Population by Selected Age Groups and Sex for the United States: April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2004 (NC-EST2004-02) Source: Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau Release Date: June 9, 2005.

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