Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chipotle + Buffalo Wild Wings = One Great Day

When you say the word "sociopath," most people think of serial killers. But although many serial killers are sociopaths, there are far more sociopaths leading ordinary lives. Chances are you know a sociopath. I say "ordinary lives," but what they do is far from ordinary. Sociopaths are people without a conscience. They don't have the normal empathy the rest of us take for granted. They don't feel affection. They don't care about others. But most of them are good observers, and they have learned how to mimic feelings of affection and empathy remarkably well.  Most people with a conscience find it very difficult to even imagine what it would be like to be without one. Combine this with a sociopath's efforts to blend in, and the result is that most sociopaths go undetected.  Because they go undetected, they wreak havoc on their family, on people they work with, and on anyone who tries to be their friend. A sociopath deceives, takes what he (or she) wants, and hurts people without any remorse. Sociopaths don't feel guilty. They don't feel sorry for what they've done. They go through life taking what they want and giving nothing back. They manipulate and deceive and convincingly lie without the slightest second thought. They leave a path of confusion and upset in their wake.*

I feel like that is - word for word - the best description of what I live with on a daily basis.

Happy Veteran's Day!  I used to feel very strongly about both Memorial Day and Veteran's Day because there were people in my life who were (and still are) military men, and they were extremely important to me.  Unfortunately, I've been disappointed and hurt by people who are affiliated with the military, and so I have a lot of trouble staying proud of the United States military.  However, I know that there are good and decent people who have devoted their lives to serving out country, and I'm nowhere near brave enough to be able to do that.  To those who have served and to those who continue to serve, THANK YOU for doing what so many of us are unable to.  You have no idea how grateful we are for you.

Don't feel much like writing today.  I had a decent day.  I went with Jen to a meeting with a possible agent who will be representing her for modeling.  I'm really glad she went, and I hope she is too, because she was really unsure about going at all.  But now she might get to be a real model!!  Yay!!

Oh!  Also!  My dad just started working for a company called Hotsos, where his job is to teach the Oracle database to people whose companies use Oracle.  He's only been working there since the beginning of September.  He submitted a couple of abstracts to include himself for consideration to speak at the Hotsos symposium in March of next year.  He was chosen!  I am so proud of my dad today!!  He's presenting!!  Here's his little profile thing: Go Dad!!

Had to deal with a minor freak-out by my sister today.  I'm really proud of myself for being able to say no to her without feeling overwhelming guilt.  It's going to take a lot more practice, but I'll get there.

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