Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Too Good to be True?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder affects 6.8 million adults, or 3.1% of the U.S. population, in any given year. Women are twice as likely to be affected.*

I'm just taking a short break from studying to write tonight.  After work, I spent a good 2.5 hours studying at Barnes & Noble with the help of my trusty former EMT/IV instructor, Sue.  Sue is wonderful.  Her eloquence alone makes her delightful to be around because I feel as though I am in the presence of true intelligence, and that's hard to find!!  Also, what better person to have quiz you and prepare you for examinations of certain subject matter than the person who taught you the subject matter?

So now I'm at home studying.  Most of the stuff is coming back to me, and I haven't completely lost all of it, although I couldn't for the life of me remember the baseline vitals for a healthy adult earlier.  It's okay, I've got them now.  However, it's snowing outside, and when the weather is like this, all I want to do is crawl in bed and drift in and out of sleep.  Oh, sweet sleep.  I also have to get up extra super-duper early tomorrow because I have to drive to Aurora in the first snowstorm of the season, so it's guaranteed to be a slow and lengthy drive.  I have to be there at 8am.  Ouch.  I'm also really excited though, because while my chances are low of actually getting a job with this company due to my spotty driving record, it's a chance to practice my skills and a chance to really impress some future prospective employers.

I'm fairly certain that Friday will be my last day at my current job, although I'd still like to hope not.  The reason for this is that I'm being pressured to finish up the manual for my position by Friday.  That seems to be a good indicator.  While I very much enjoy this job, and I enjoy being comfortable and familiar with it, it is becoming apparent that my boss and I are not exactly compatible.  I very much enjoy her company, and she's very energetic and passionate, and I would really like to emulate her, but I don't think I've got it in me.  I know real estate so very well, but it is not my passion as it is hers, and she knows it, but she wants someone to work with her who is as passionate about it as she is.  I guess that my concern is that she will have a very hard time finding someone who meets her standards because they are very high.  But that is something that is out of my control.

The good news is that I have not one but TWO interviews this week!  I was contacted today about a resume I submitted for a reception job at an executive suites building in Downtown Boulder, very similar to the one where I used to work.  I am extremely confident about the possibility of my getting this job as it is exactly the kind of job I have actually done before, and I'm going to go to the interview very prepared.  The only problem is that I was scheduled to go in at 1:20pm on Friday, at which time I will very possibly be cleaning out my desk.  I requested to be rescheduled, but I fear that it may interfere with my chances if they find me to be difficult right away.

I'm trying so very hard to not freak out about not having any income very soon.  It's really, really hard to imagine, even though I wasn't making that much money to begin with, because I ostracize my sister for taking so much money from my parents.  I hate taking money from them so very much.  It's mostly incomprehensible for me to have no money coming in whatsoever, and very, very scary.  I know that eventually things will be okay, and I have a great opportunity to do my best in two interviews this week.  Normally I would say that I am not lucky enough to not only have two interviews but to be offered two jobs, but I don't want to put that out into the universe, so I'm going uber-optimistic about it and hope hope hope that I get both jobs so that I have to make that decision instead of the other horrible decisions of how to scale back my already meager lifestyle.

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