Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lowest Common Denominator

I'm so tired!  I went to bed at like 8 last night because I was starting to have a pre-migraine sparkly aura and was so sick to my stomach I thought I was gonna throw my sushi up.  It did not occur to me until this morning that the migraine was causing my nausea.  I was awakened at 1:30am by the migraine and the nausea, took some aspirin, some ibuprofen, had some yogurt and grapenuts and water, but could not go back to sleep.  I watched episodes of 30 Rock until 6am when I had to start getting ready for work.  I took more aspirin and ibuprofen at work, and the headache mostly went away except any time I coughed or sneezed.  I drank a half a cup of coffee and took my vitamin, had a delicious Jimmy John's sandwich for lunch but the nausea never really went away and now that I'm home it's returned full-force, although without the migraine.  And we have the kids tonight, which I only learned after I got home from work.  I'm very glad I'm off tomorrow to recuperate and relax and get some things done, but I'm going to get in bed like right now because I feel like crap.

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