Thursday, November 4, 2010

So it Took a Month for Me to Get Sick of Writing Every Day

Although a specific genetic link to bipolar disorder has not been found, studies show that 80 to 90 percent of those who suffer from bipolar disorder have relatives with some form of depression.  It is also possible that people may inherit a tendency to develop the illness, which can then be triggered by environmental factors such as distressing life events.*

I tried really hard to eat five donuts today.  I only managed to eat four but it was not for a lack of trying!  That was the highlight of my day today.  Took P to the vet, who said that he appears to be pretty much fine.   We weren't able to pinpoint any particular problem.  It could just be an overgrowth of bacteria in this lower GI tract, which is easily fixable with probiotics or antibiotics.  I'm going to go with the probiotics first just to keep it natural, also I don't think I can afford antibiotics!!  But he is acting normal again, eating and drinking and playing, and I'm feeling pretty good, so I am really beginning to wonder if his gastrological problems are being caused by the energy I'm putting off.  He seems to get really sick when I have an episode of seemingly unending despair.  The last time he got really sick was right after my birthday weekend when I was inconsolable, although I attributed it to the possibility that he ate cat food as my little sister and her kitty were here that weekend.  The patterns of his getting sick seem to be in conjunction with the times when I let stress get the better of me.  I'm going to be really attentive of his diet for the next few weeks just to see if it might not be something he's eating that's upsetting his stomach, but I'm also going to try to chronicle his physical health on this blog to see if there are correlations.

I got my stupid license reinstated today, paid the stupid $95 fee plus the $21 fee to get a new stupid license.  But I had the money to be able to do it myself and my dad was really insistent on his paying for it, but I told him no, that I would do it myself.  And I did.  I'm proud of myself for doing that!  It's a start, right?  I still have enough money to be able to make payments on all of my medical bills and make my student loan payment as well.  I may have no money left over, but I am giving myself major props for not just spending money hoity-toity and then being able to make these payments responsibly.  I have to credit having my purse stolen for saving money as I had to order a new debit card which only arrived yesterday.  I'd really like to be able to keep saving money as well as I have been the last couple weeks (it feels really good!), so I'm planning to hide the card from myself or put it in a really inconvenient location so that I rarely use it.  We'll see how well that works.

I was so efficient and energized today that I'm sort of coming down hard tonight, so I'm ending here.  I'm glad tomorrow's Friday, I feel like it's been a very long week even though it's gone by quickly.  Also, I had a good hair day today.

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