Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Episode

Today has been a very long day.  Longer, even, perhaps, than yesterday.  My sister and the baby came home from the hospital today, and everything was mostly okay until the kids nap time.  It was at that point that Dr. Jekyl (my older sister) turned into Mr. Hyde (my psycho batshit crazy older sister).  And that's how the day progressed.  As I sit here, writing, my dad and my sister are yelling at each other.  Phoenix is cowering here in my room with me.  We sat out in the dining room listening for a short while, but he was shaking really badly so I took him to my room.

I really don't feel like rehashing all the things that were said this afternoon, but I was told how pathetic my life is again, and she told my little sister that she is the catalyst for why everything always goes to shit here.  Then tonight, she got all pissy when she was leaving to take the kids back to their dad.  My mom went with her, and I guess she just sat and berated my mom the whole time, and they both came back in the house screaming.  I did manage to say that I thought it really shitty that she'll ask my parents for money for her gas, cigarettes and coffee, and then go spend that money on herself, but she won't even buy her daughter a birthday present.  Apparently that sunk in because she mentioned it to my dad later.

Okay, I've walked away and had long conversations with both parents, and everything is cooled off.  My mom was eating chocolate because it makes her feel better, "like in Harry Potter," which meant that she felt as though she'd just been attacked by a dementor.  I found that comparison apt.  Dementors suck the happiness and the life-energy out of the room, and she has the ability to do just that to all of us.

I finally got my car to the shop!!  I'm just weeks away from having my own car to drive again!!  I'm so excited!!  I really wanted to just tow it with the suburban or the truck, but my dad just would not have it, so he called a tow truck and $80 later, my car is at the shop.  He paid for the tow truck.  I'm not sure what happened in his life that made him so averse to doing a simple tow like that, but whatever it was affected him quite a bit.

I also got my Christmas presents for the kids today, and I feel pretty good.  Having spent so much time with them recently has made it pretty easy to know where their interests lie.  It's also fun getting to see them grow into their own personalities.  Z is so sensistive and smart and thoughtful, while H is all about swords and explosions and fighting bad guys.  And they're so hilarious.

I'm not particularly looking forward to work tomorrow because I was so bored yesterday, but whatever.  OH!  And I am really liking New Boy.  I haven't really talked to him or seen him, but he's taken time to text me every now and then even though his family is in town for Christmas, and I could tell how important it was to him that they were coming.  I'll say it again, I'm not used to being pursued or thought of, so it surprises me when I discover these things happening.  He's planning to take me skiing, and we have plans to go winter camping after Christmas, too.  He loves dogs, he's funny, and he's really thoughtful.  Apparently he and his family are going to go give out blankets and coats and things to the homeless on Christmas Eve.  I think he's a genuinely good person, and I'm totally attracted to him.  I can't believe it.  Even better, I'm not consumed by thoughts of him, wondering what he's doing or wanting to talk to him all the time the way I normally am.  So either, I'm not that interested (which I don't think is the case) or I'm growing and learning and actually changing!  That's very exciting.  And I didn't meet him on the internet!  Booyah!

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