Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When a "Day Off" isn't Really a Day Off

Well, just as I was falling asleep last night, little H came in and crawled into bed with me.  I really do love when he does that, but it's becoming a habit, and on top of it, we've gotten him sick with whatever it is that we've got that's all runny noses and coughs, so he coughed all night.  That's on top of his being a little kangaroo in the bed.  So not only did I not sleep well, I was awakened at 6am when they all wake up every day.

I took them with me to run errands today, just for something different for them to do since their mom can't really take them anywhere, being vehicle-less and all.  They behaved pretty well, but it's kind of obvious that they're on virtually no leash when they're with the other half of the family.  It's really frustrating trying to either undo or redo whatever damage that's been done in terms of their manners and their daily habits.  Here, they're asked to sit down and eat their meals, but it looks like they're not asked to do that at their other house.  I taught them about inside and outside voices today because apparently they're allowed to yell and scream everywhere they go, or at least that's what they do with me.

I'm also trying to retrain their mother, and that's an impossible feat.  If I weren't so tired of her yelling all the time (at all three of them, including the baby when she won't stop crying), and of living in the midst of toys all over the entire house and a filthy kitchen, I wouldn't even try, but if I don't attempt to do something about it, I'll go completely nuts.

I got the rest of my Christmas shopping done today, except the kiddos, but I'm not to worried about that.  I was watching what seemed to fascinate them the most at the store today.  It feels good to be mostly done with that, except that I have just about no money left between presents and the rest of the bills I have to pay.  Whatever I have left will be going straight towards the car at the end of the month.

I got all excited right before bed last night.  I found this freaking sweet run/obstacle course in Beaver Creek in June that I am amped to do.  I really want to do it!  It's 7 miles and 21 obstacle courses including snow, fire, water, mud, just about everything.  It looks like so much fun!!  I don't want to do it alone, though, so I'm hoping to enlist some people to do the race with me.  It's going to take some training - but I know myself well enough to know that I'm more apt to actually do the training if I have some kind of end goal to meet.  So we'll see.  I'm very excited about it though.  This is it.

That's about it for today.  I'm really trying to keep my frustration with my sister in check right now, but I'm sure I'll ruminate on it long enough to have a lot to say about it tomorrow.  Also, I still have to shower and get ready for work tonight, so I'm keeping it short tonight.  I have to break it to H that he can't come in and sleep with me tonight.  Ugh.

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