Friday, December 3, 2010

Some Nothing

Signs and symptoms of dissociative identity disorder include:
  • lapses in memory (dissociation), particularly of significant life events, like birthdays, weddings, or birth of a child
  • experiencing blackouts in time, resulting in finding oneself in places but not recalling how one traveled there
  • being frequently accused of lying when they do not believe they are lying (for example, being told of things they did but do not recall)
  • finding items in one's possession but not recalling how those things were acquired
  • encountering people with whom one is unfamiliar but who seem to know them sometimes as someone else
  • being called names that are completely unlike their own name or nickname
  • finding items they have clearly written but are in handwriting other than their own
  • hearing voices inside their head that are not their own
  • not recognizing themselves in the mirror
  • feeling unreal (derealization)
  • feeling like they are watching themselves move through life rather than living their own life
  • feeling like more than one person.
I don't have anything to write about today.  It was my day off so I just took it easy.  Didn't really do much thinking, but did sleep quite a bit.  I feel lonely.  I haven't received any text messages from anyone who is not in my family in days.  I don't know why, but it makes me wonder if I've done something wrong.

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