Friday, December 17, 2010

A Real Day Off

It felt really nice to have a day off.  I was able to mostly fix my computer, so that's good.  I went to go hang out with my friend whose birthday is this weekend.  She was getting together with some friends for a birthday celebration so I went out and had some drinks and made some new friends.  I am even probably going skiing tomorrow, if I don't talk myself out of it which I'm really close to doing.

Anyway, I'm tired.  If I don't totally chicken out, I'm getting up to go rent some skis in the morning to go back country skiing in Loveland.  Which considering I haven't been skiing since 2002, is probably not the greatest idea.  Maybe I should go skiing at a resort first where they have like green and blue runs for me to learn on.  Aw crap, I've talked myself out of it. 

That's okay. 

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