Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Big Discovery

So, after discovering that I have fewer credit hours to complete than I had originally thought, I was a little disappointed today because I had nothing awesome to think about during the grueling 9.5 hour work day.  My mom had mentioned something the other night at dinner about how I should be looking for jobs in my field of interest to try to get my foot in the door somewhere, so I randomly checked the Boulder County website to see if they might be hiring for Autopsy Techs, and guess what?  They are.  They posted a job last Friday for a Pathology Technician which is exactly the job I was looking for!  So I spent a good portion of the morning filling out the application to the best of my ability, and telling people about how excited I was and trying to think of ways to enhance my chances for at least an interview.  I spent the rest of the day vehemently ruminating on the possibility that I may or may not be given an opportunity for the job because I am only semi-qualified for it.  Even now I am having trouble NOT thinking about it.

I went over and had dinner with my mom and talked to her a little about everything to sort of get it out of my brain and into the universe where it can float away and not bother me anymore.  She thinks my chances of being called for an interview are pretty low, but even if that doesn't work out for me, I still have the prospect of school to look forward to.  So I'm in a win-win situation right now.

I'm also really, really tired, and kind of dizzy, so I am going to go lie down and turn on the TV and turn off my brain for the evening.  I'm really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and hopefully accomplishing some of the things I need to get done to get my life more organized.  

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