Monday, April 25, 2011

Unpredictable Malaise

And now to fill my captive audiences in on what happened on Easter.  As usual, there was minor catastrophe.  It began on the night before, which I have already described.  I went to bed around midnight after going back over the bunny footprints and putting them on surfaces which were not the floor, because apparently my sister forgot that part of the fun of the footprints was finding them EVERYWHERE.  I slept downstairs on the pull-out couch which enabled me to hear my oldest nephew Z get up when he did his nightly bed-switch to his mom's bed, except that he didn't actually come downstairs TO sleep with his mom, but I did hear him moving around upstairs, so I went up to see what was going on at 2:45am, and he was so excited about the bunny footprints and the full Easter baskets that he was beside himself.  I told him that he needed to decide where he was sleeping and if it meant he was going to sleep with his mom then he had to do it and be done with it.  I went downstairs with him, and drifted off for awhile, but I heard him get up to go back upstairs but I stopped him and told him to turn his little butt around and get back in bed with his mom.  Then I fell asleep, during which time he apparently sneaked past me and went upstairs and I woke up again when I heard him moving around upstairs again.  He had already emptied his basket and eaten some of the candy.  I whisper-yelled at him to get back in his bed and told him he wasn't allowed to leave his room again until it was time to get up.  I went back downstairs and fell asleep, briefly, until I was awakened by the sound of crazy-little footsteps running around up there, and when I went up there I found H running around all excited by the bunny footprints and full baskets.  So I had to put him back in his bed.  That was about a couple of hours after Z had gotten up, but Z was still awake, although he had stayed in his bedroom, which I was thrilled to see.

I went downstairs and tried to get a little more sleep before having to wake up for church at 6:15.  I got up when I heard the kids running around and laughing and screaming upstairs.  My parents got my sister and the baby up, but when my sister came upstairs, she decided that she was sick, and was throwing up and had diarrhea.  She is the biggest drama queen there ever was, and really likes to milk her illnesses for all they're worth, and made a big show of sulking around the house and being hot and cold and shaky and throwing up in front of me (which was so disgusting I started gagging myself, which rarely happens).  I told her to suck it up and that if she wanted to be able to take sick-days that she shouldn't have had kids because when you have kids, you don't get time-off for being sick, you are a mommy regardless - which she didn't like and screamed at me for saying.  She was then given permission to skip church, which meant that my mom and my little sister and me were responsible for getting them all ready and then child-wrangling at church.  Which was really hard.  But the kids behaved really well at church and even seemed to enjoy it a bit. 

I have to stop writing there because I am quite sick to my stomach myself right now.  This is day three of general feeling-yuckiness, and I am definitely worried that I am going to be throwing up this time tomorrow, and I really don't want to have to call in sick to work tomorrow.  Moving around makes me even more nauseated, so the drive home should be fun.

I have so much more I want to write about, but I need to really do nothing right now.  I've only got an hour left of work so I would like to attempt to make it through that hour without puking.  Oh my god.

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