Thursday, April 14, 2011


What a long day.  I was even fairly busy at work, which is kind of unusual, but that did not help the time fly by.  No, no, no.  It just creeped by, minute by minute.  I felt mostly okay, except for when I spoke to the company that is supplying my Lupron shot and it will cost me $580/month and that's with my insurance.  After hearing that, I decided that I hate my insurance (I had already mostly decided that anyway), but after that, I really decided I didn't want to give them ANY more money (as I have already given them roughly $2,017) for a reduced price on prescriptions, 80% lab coverage and about 40% on regular doctor visits.  I feel like they are charging me $140 a month to cover me on the off chance I get in some kind of horrible accident and need extensive medical treatment, and getting just about nothing else.  I'm happy to pay for insurance coverage in case I do get in an accident, but with the amount of medication I need, and the amount of treatment I need for mental health and Endometriosis, $140 a month is out of control.  So that upset me.

Today is my dad's birthday, he's 58.  Apparently my sister had to work a double today, so she wasn't around for dinner or cake, which left my parents in charge of the kids.  By the end of the night, they were totally exhausted.  I took over for baths.  I love sort of feeling as though I have kids of my own even though they aren't mine.  I can have fun with them, teach them things, and be an authority figure, but I don't have to worry about all the really intense stuff like paying for school or their medical bills.  I still have to make sure they eat their dinner and get the proper nutrients and behave and bathe them and clothe them and put them to bed, but that's also sort of the fun part.

I am really, really tired, and I need to hydrate on the chance that I really go to donate plasma tomorrow (for the money!), so it's off to bed with me.  I plan to sleep in and sleep well.

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