Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Beautiful (and Peaceful) Day

Yup, almost forgot to post again.  But this time it's a good thing I couldn't really sleep because otherwise I wouldn't have remembered.  See, this will be my first post while there is a male in my bed that is not Phoenix.  Needless to say, today's date went well...

We met for breakfast at Lucile's in Boulder, which is a Creole/New Orleans cafe.  We had beignets, and sat at a table that we shared with a few other people.  He is exactly like his pictures, and tall and freckly and cute.  His eyes are green with brown around the irises, and he tells people that they are brown, but I think they are hazel.  He and I both showed up in white shirts and jeans.  That was kind of funny.  It was definitely awkward at first, but like all first meetings, or first interactions after a long absence, it got more relaxed and easy as time passed.  He's a really funny guy, and super friendly, especially to strangers.  We talked about normal getting-to-know-you stuff like family members and location of origin.  When we finished eating, we decided to walk up Pearl Street, and we sat down in a shady spot outside of Hapa and talked for about another hour.  He needed to get going as he'd told a friend that he would meet up with him, and we parted ways.  I could not stop thinking about him after that.

I stopped by my parents house to grab the doggie-pooper-scooper and then went home intending to get to work on the backyard, which needs a whole lot of work.  It took me over an hour of scooping and I am still not finished, but I decided I needed to take a break, so I laid down in Meredi's hammock (which she had been using with a guy when I walked outside) and read some of my book.  I ended up falling asleep briefly, which was absolutely delightful.  The weather today was a typical spring day in Colorado - 80 degrees and sunny, almost too warm, but really pleasant in the shade.  When I was lying in the hammock, I realized that for the first time in awhile, I felt contented.  I'm certain that it's because I am getting positive attention from a man, which I don't like being the reason for my feeling that way, but instead of trying to fight with why, I just allowed myself to feel contented and peaceful and I drifted off to sleep.  And I got sunburned.  It might have been lying on the hammock, or the previous hour I'd spent scooping poo, but I decided to go in at that point and lie down on my bed where it was much cooler.  I fell asleep for a little while up there, and awoke to go back to my parents house for dinner.

Dinner was the usual for a Saturday night, steak with rice, but this time we also had asparagus, which we smothered in brie, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses before grilling.  Oh the glory of cheesy asparagus!  So good.  I had to stuff my face and leave though, because while I had been working and playing outside, I'd been talking to my breakfast date and invited him over to watch movies in the evening-time, an invitation he accepted.  I got home and quickly straightened up my room and my car and relaxed while I waited for him to arrive.

When he got here, I poured us a couple of glasses of wine and we sat out back and talked for a little while and then went inside and started Catfish, the movie I'd been wanting to see and had ordered from Netflix a month ago but still had not gotten around to watching.  It was...interesting.  Not what I expected.  I still am confused as to whether it is an actual "documentary" or a movie that pretends to be a documentary for entertainment purposes.

I apparently had consented to drive my sister and her friend to Denver tonight (that was yesterday), and my parents offered me $20 so they wouldn't have to do it, and broke and shameless as I am, I took the money (and breakfast date) and drove them to Denver.  It was after the 2nd Rockies game of the season and a complete madhouse down there traffic-wise and ended up sucking up 2 full hours of the night I was supposed to be spending at home with this guy.  He's really good-natured and said that he didn't mind going, which was really nice, but personally I minded.  Anyway, we got back home and finished the movie.

Earlier I had offered to let him spend the night if he wanted to so he didn't have to drive back to Lyons real late if he was tired, and he decided to take me up on that offer, and so that is how he is in my bed asleep, and I am awake at 2am for what seems like the upteenth night in a row.  I would very much like to be asleep right now, and I'm really, really tired, but I just could not get comfy in the bed - most of which I am blaming on the stupid sunburn - and I'm thinking about turning the TV back on, but I don't want to wake him.

He's a pretty sensitive guy.  Not JD from Scrubs effeminate sensitive, but he's been through some shitty stuff mentally and he's on medication and in therapy and I think that is really cool.  There are a lot of men out there who are experiencing or have experienced whatever he has been through (he hasn't told me and I haven't asked; I don't want to tread on his boundaries...yet), but they refuse to seek professional help and it's a simple matter of masculinity and power that I think is absolutely retarded.  I wonder what Aaron would have been like if he'd been willing to admit that he needed help after returning from Iraq and actually getting help.  Probably not a whole lot different, but perhaps I wouldn't have stuck around for so long hoping he'd change.

I have a soccer game in the morning, and then I am dropping by Tiffany's son's birthday party, but then I plan to come home and nap the rest of the day away.  I'll be absolutely miserable this week if I don't get some decent sleep at some point.  I used to think that I had a lot of trouble sleeping in a new person's bed, but it looks like I have a lot of trouble sleeping next to a new person, no matter where it is.  I think I may have explained in a previous blog about how intimate I feel that sleeping next to someone is, almost more of an intimate experience than actually having sex with a person, and I must be really guarding that or I'd be fast asleep, dreaming of the spiders we talked about earlier in the evening.  Boo, I say to my subconscious.

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