Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Sweet Tooth

I am exhausted.  It's been a long day.  My first thought when I woke up this morning was, "Okay, what time can I go to bed tonight?"  And then throughout the day it was all I could do not to put my head on my desk and take a quick snooze.  My dad picked up Phoenix while he was out and about today, and so I went straight to my parents house after work.  I wasn't in the greatest mood, but being there and sitting down and having a Mike's helped me relax a bit.

I managed to not watch TV at work again today, and I got a lot of reading done.  Nothing major happened to change my mood for the worse, which is good.

After dinner at my parents, I had to go rescue Tiffany from school (she goes to Metro) because her car got booted, which I did not mind doing one bit because she has helped me in so many ways.  I just wish I could have done something more to be helpful because that really stressed her out.  It was also nice because it got me out of the house, out from in front of a screen.  However, as I was turning left to enter the on-ramp to get on the highway, I almost got into an accident.  The two turn lanes had a green arrow, and I'm so glad I was paying attention, because I started to turn, but then I noticed that a car driving towards the intersection wasn't stopping at the light, so I slammed on the brakes, and Phoenix hit the dashboard.  The oncoming car went right through the intersection, but the driver realized way too late that she had run the red light, and tried stopping, but managed to stop just in time to get hit by the car to the inner left lane of me.  Luckily, neither car was moving terribly fast at the time, so the damage wasn't horrible.  I felt like I should have stopped, but didn't because I needed to get to Tiffany.  I drove by the intersection about 30 minutes later and the police were still there and the car that ran the red light was being loaded onto a tow truck.  I felt so very lucky that I was being observant and attentive, otherwise I would have hit the car for certain.  Not that that would have been so terrible; my car is really starting to sound awful and I'm really worried I am going to need to either spend more money to get it fixed or have to try to figure out how to get a new car.

When I got back home, Linda was home, and had taken poor Rainey to the vet, because she's been running around on three legs, holding her front right paw up, which has been swollen.  Last week she was limping and Linda and I found what looked like a puncture on her leg there, and Linda put some iodine on it, but it looks like it got infected anyway.  So I sat down and rubbed Rainey's belly and gave her kisses and hugs, at which point Linda surprised the crap out of me by asking if I might be interested in taking a fitness class with her at the Lafayette Rec Center sometime.  The one she's picked out looks like a good one, and it's two days a week from 5-6am.  She and I both would need the motivation of having a partner to get us each going, so I told her if I could come up with the money I'd do it with her.  Then Meredi came home and we all sat and chatted for a little while.  Roommate bonding is going well, albeit slow.  But we're getting there.  I'm starting to feel like less of an alien, or stranger, or visitor.

I need to get to bed because although I don't have to work tomorrow, I have an appointment with the lady-doc at 9am, then a check-up with the occupational health doc at 10:30 and then an appointment to get bloodwork done at 11:45.  And speaking of the occupational health doc - I wrote my blog post yesterday before I got in the shower, and while I was in the shower, in the middle of shaving my right leg (the left one was already done at this point), my freaking back went out again!  Exactly as it did that day when I was showing apartments!  I managed to finish shaving and get out of the shower, but holy shit did that hurt!  And it's frustrating because a back injury can be really chronic and all I could think about was the enormous pile of laundry that I have sitting in my hamper and how I'd been planning to get that done on my day off and how the heck am I supposed to do laundry if I cannot bend at the waist?  So I took 1000mg of ibuprofen, and a percocet and laid down on a bag of ice for about an hour before I actually went to sleep, and when I woke up this morning, I was a little sore and stiff, but otherwise, just fine.  So I am going to probably have to go to damn physical therapy or something or be really serious about seeing a chiropractor which is such an enormous pain in the ass, but I guess a theoretical pain in the ass is better than a physical pain in the back.

I stopped at the old Target in Broomfield on my way back home tonight (which immediately caused a flashback of how Kate and I used to run in there in the summer-time and buy $5 halter tops before we'd go out at night and then change into them in the Target parking lot) because I was having a craving for something ridiculously sweet, so I bought some Red Vines and Gobstoppers.  I will call this act my first act of pampering myself after deciding to give up on dating.  It feels pretty good, and I've been snacking on the candy all night and my teeth hurt they're so coated in sugar, but it's exactly what I wanted.

I hate feeling this energetic at night because I know I'll be paying for it in the morning when I have to wake up.  Probably should lay off the sugar now.

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