Friday, August 5, 2011

Humidity Is Awesome

Oh my God I am so far beyond tired I can hardly think straight. Today way awesome and I had an absolute blast. I left the hotel (Kate and my surrogate family came to get me) around 9:45 this morning. I actually did get up and go down to get the hotel breakfast. There were 80 bajillion people crammed into like 40 square feet so obviously I enjoyed it. Lots of kids, one of whom spilled an entire cup of liquid on the floor of the tiny kitchen. He was a member of the family speaking some foreign language I didn't understand buy assumed tobr Slovik in nature because that's how it sounded.

Anyway, when I was picked up, first order of business was picking up a few things at which point I discovered Christmas Tree Shops, which reminded me of Big Lots but way more awesome. I bought Phoenix some stuff there. Boy when I go home with nothing for my parents and stuff for my dog, that's sending a message. I told Kate we needed to go back before I go home because I was so amazed. It was just so original!! And cheap! I SO need to travel more often.

When we got back to the apartment, it was down to business. Obviously lunch was one order of business, and then cupcakes. It didn't seem like it took that long to make the cupcakes, but it took about 3-3.5 hours. We made around 60 cupcakes? But only had enough frosting for about 52 or so. We baked them, Kate cut the middles out, we filled them with purple-colored vanilla pudding, and frosted them with green frosting and blue and purple fondant hearts, which Kate made last week. I also was appointed with the job of fancifying the basket for the candy-bags which are the wedding favors (pictures to follow, hopefully). This involved peacock feathers. Considering the laws of physics, I'm not sure how we did the cupcakes and the basket in that time, but it got done. Then it was time to get ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Everything went according to plan, not including Kate's kiddo not being interested in doing his ring-bearer duties, but we figured everything out. He may get through it tomorrow. The rehearsal dinner was fantastic, but that's because of how much I love Kate and her parents and kid and also Fiancé, because of his pure awesomeness, but his mom and stepdad are awesome as well. I've been told that my character-judgment skills are terrible, but I liked these people. They're nice and normal and kind and generous and funny. And the enjoy alcohol, so we were friends immediately. After dinner we decided to go back to the apartment with everyone and continue the party there bit was during this time that I had my first Four Loko, and made my first wedding bouquet. I loved that challenge and creative project. It was hard, but it was a lot of fun. I met a girl that Kate has been friends with through the Army here and she's awesome. She showed us how to do the bouquets. Off I'm ever lucky enough to get married, I won't pay a florist. I liked the natural look of the bouquets and they were so much cheaper. Plus doing them ourselves was a great feeling of accomplishment. They look great, too. After that we researched hairstyles and got everything planned out for Kate's hair. I get to do it. I think it's going to look incredible!

And now I'm back at my hotel. I'm so unbelievably tired but since we got everything done today there's nothing extra to do tomorrow so we can relax until about 3pm. We still have to set up the tables and chairs St the museum, where the ceremonyand reception are, but we can't do that until the museum closes tomorrow at 5pm. I'm real excited. I think it's going gone a nice party. And considering how upset I was when Kate got engaged, I'm so thrilled for her to get to marry Fiancé because he's wonderful. He's a down-to-Earth, funny, smart and all-around good guy think they're going to have a long and successful marriage. He's a great dad, too.

He is going to a training/mini-deployment on Sunday that is 4 weeks long, so it is our plan to totally chillax on Sunday and Monday until I have to leave. I have so much more I want to write but it's going to have to wait because I need sleep. Mozel tov!!


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