Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Much Better Day

Today was another COMPLETELY exhausting day.  And that's not a complaint.  I am loving being so exhausted.  It means that I did something.  It means that I accomplished something.  It means that I challenged myself, and all those things are really good.

Obviously I am feeling a lot better today than I was feeling yesterday.  I was in such a pissy mood by the end of yesterday I didn't even want to write.

I really love being in school.  I feel like I stretched and toned my mind as well as my body.  Although I really wanted to pretty much die while I was in Judaism because today was a find-a-partner day, and everyone around me just turned to their OTHER neighbor.  It was like a scene out of a movie, I swear.  So I just sat there and waited for the professor to notice that I wasn't speaking to anyone, so she could pair me up, and she paired me up with a girl who had already raised her hand in class twice and I found to be kind of annoying.  But oh well.  The little assignment we had was lost on me because I was so upset at not having a partner and being forced to do partner work in the first place.  She did the talking for when we got back together as a class and analyzed our answers to the questions we'd been given.  Eventually I went back to my seat to take notes, but I took an opportunity after class to ask if she just wanted to stay partners for the semester to make both our lives easier, and she said yes.  So that is something I can breathe a little easier about.  She reminds me of an old friend of mine, Natasha, who I met while working as a hostess at Hapa.  She looks like she's of middle-eastern descent and she flips her hair a lot when she talks, but she's really bubbly and smart.  I miss Natasha.

After that class I went to the gym and discovered a whole other cardio area that's much brighter and has fans and overlooks the pools. I used the stair machine for half an hour (just about a mile distance and over 130 floors climbed), which HURT, and then used the elliptical machine for 15 minutes which was another mile and a quarter.  Then I went downstairs to the little women's weight room in the locker room and did my ab work. By the end I was totally spent, and it felt totally wonderful.  My legs were like jelly, I could barely move my arms, and my legs still hurt (although not really in that good-sore way, more like maybe I pulled something, although I'm just fine).

I took an opportunity in the Anatomy lab to be kind of like Kate, and just be gregarious.  I told a few people that I had my EMT and it was my second time taking the lab, so if they had questions or didn't understand something, to ask me because chances are I'll know or at least have an idea and can help them.  I don't know what it is about that lab that makes me want to flaunt my smarts about the subject, but I just want to freaking teach the class.

After the lab was over - and it was so tedious today - I went to see my advisor, who miraculously wasn't with anyone, to ask her about the discrepancy on my degree audit.  She just needed to change the date of my matriculation to the college of arts and sciences to remove the extra 18 credits that was on there.  As of today, I am officially on track to graduate in December.  In theory, I don't even need to do well in any of my classes, I just need to complete them.  In real life, I want to do well in all of them to raise my GPA to where it should be for someone of my intelligence.  An A and a B over the summer upped it a full tenth of a point, so theoretically some combination of four A's and B's should raise it another couple of tenths of a point.  It's not much, but I'll take whatever I can get.  After that I rode my bike to the Admissions building and submitted a statement requesting that my spring loan be released early, so I can have some extra money to put away in case I decide to move somewhere.  And there's enough for me to get a laptop.  If by the time I graduate, I don't have a plan, I'll just keep taking a few more classes, and that'll get me a bunch of grant money, too.  Maybe... That will need some research.

Anyway, I headed home after that, and I stopped at Walmart to pick up some lettuce for a salad for dinner, and I found it extremely hard to process the instructions from my brain that told my legs to move in a normal fashion to propel me around the store.  By the time I got home I thought I might fall over.  I managed to cook up some chicken for my salad and put the whole thing together, which was delicious.

I fell asleep for about an hour and a half and pretty much just woke up so that I could take a shower before going to bed.  Which I'm planning to do shortly.

I really seriously considered what it would take for me to drop the Judaism class and take another class instead because of how uncomfortable I was.  I could just attend the Juvenile Delinquency class I wanted to take but couldn't because I'm not a sociology major and talk to the instructor about getting placed into the class, but that would require me to miss a Judaism class, and there's no guarantee I could actually get into the Juvenile Delinquency class.  I decided to just try to stick it out in Judaism.  It would actually take a whole lot more work to switch classes than it would to just sit with the discomfort of being in the Judaism class, and I need another challenge.  I need to learn how to make do with the situation I'm in and not go out of my way to make unnecessary changes.  We'll see how it goes.

I need to get into the shower now.  I also need to catch up to Kate on Lost, since she's now further ahead in the series than I am.  That will be the remainder of my evening.

My CB older sister bit the bullet and asked me to babysit tomorrow while she's working and while my mom picks up my dad from the airport, and I agreed.  I love those kids, and I'm considering it as a favor to my mom and not my sister.  So tomorrow evening it's family time.  Then hopefully I can go running with Z this weekend since I didn't put a ton of pressure on those areas of my legs today and they feel okay.

Also, I'm going to open up the Dyson.  It's going to be glorious.

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