Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Bites, Big Itch

"I had no right to sell off the team's equipment like that.  It won't happen again."

I've got A League of Their Own on right now.  It's on AMC.  I've always been hesitant to name my favorite movie because there are so many that I just love.  But I think this might be it.  I can watch it over and over and over, recite every single line, and still want to watch it again.  If it's ever on TV, I will watch it over anything else on.

I'm feeling pretty good today.  I had nothing that I absolutely HAD to do, maybe for the first time in a really long time.  I really wanted to go running but my tendons are so inflamed I feel like I've been kicked in several places in my lower legs.  I thought about going to check out the CU gym today, but I didn't feel like going up to Boulder if I didn't really have to.  I'll have plenty of time to do that during my off-time between classes.  Right now I'm waitlisted for two different Anatomy labs, one from 2-4  and one from 6-8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I may just do the 2-4 one so that I have a solid hour and 45 minutes to hit the gym between classes instead of 5 hours and 45 minutes.  I don't think I'll ever spend that much time in a gym.  Two hours is good.

Jesus, I keep finding new itchy bites on my legs, and I don't know from what.  I'd guess mosquito, because we leave the back door open a lot, but I haven't seen any mosquitoes in the house, just a lot of flies.  Better not be fucking bed bugs.  I will lose my shit if it's bed bugs.  I have dreams occasionally about finding hundreds upon thousands of bugs on the floor and in my bed at my parents house, and I have to go around spraying all the bugs and cleaning up the bug corpses.  Last night they were big, giant cockroaches.  Not as many of those since they were huge, but thousands of other smaller bugs that I had to kill and clean up.  Freaking yuck.

I did go to Walmart and spend way more money than I should have today.  In my defense, it was all stuff that I needed, including chicken, fish, and vegetables, as well as things I can take to work and school for lunch.  I didn't buy anything that was unhealthy.  I did a bit of back-to-school shopping, too.  Bought some new pens and a notebook and a binder.  Plus it looks like the first half of my financial aid went through to pay my school bill so I should be seeing the rest of it later this week.  Hopefully.  Otherwise I'll have to write a check that's going to bounce to buy books.  Actually, so far, I only have one book to buy for my social psychology class, although there may be one for Judaism that I need that just isn't listed.  I already have the Anatomy lab book.

I made myself a good sandwich for lunch and napped the rest of the afternoon away.  We had some thunderstorms, so it was nice to just lie and listen to the rain and the thunder and have nothing else to do.

For dinner I made myself some whole-wheat penne with canned tomatoes and sauteed chicken and green beans.  Pretty balanced, I guess.  My focus is on eating lean protein and lots of veggies.  So far, so good.

I feel a lot better than I did yesterday.  I think I needed a day to get back into the real world and vent about my dumbass sister who I think for the purposes of this blog I'm going to start calling CB for "Crazy Bitch."  It seems mean, but I give a lot of other people monikers and I feel like that's the most descriptive.

I haven't decided on whether or not to do my ab work tonight.  I'm not feeling terribly motivated, so if I do it, it will be kind of a miracle.  Holy cow.

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