Sunday, August 28, 2011

Need New Shoes

Mother.  Fucking.  Ow.  Did the regular two miles with Z just about 40 minutes ago and my legs hurt.  A lot.

Aside from that, the day was pretty uneventful.  I woke up at stupid 8am, decided to go ahead and get up and do my ab work, then I went back to sleep for a little while.  Got up, went to the parents house.  Grabbed Lucky and went to the dog park.  By then it had clouded up a lot and there was a nice breeze.  Spent about an hour there, then went home and helped get dinner ready.  The plan was tacos, nachos, and homemade jalapeno poppers from home-grown jalapenos.  I made some homemade salsa, helped my dad prepare the jalapenos, and hung out with my mom and the kids.

Dinner was good - I made myself chicken instead of having the ground beef - and the jalapenos were ridiculous hot.  Like, so hot I couldn't stand it.  Hurt my eyes hot.  Made my nose run and made me sweaty hot.  Jalapenos are not supposed to be that hot.  Otherwise I'd have eaten a lot more of them, but as they were I had one and a half.  Holy shit.

Then Z and I went on the run, which he complained for the entire time, and my legs hurt a lot.

I'm home now, and I want to get into the shower and get some ice on my legs and drink about 5 more gallons of water because I had 2 beers before the run.

I had some interesting dreams last night, and they've been flashing through my head all day long at random times so I need to try to remember to write about them tomorrow, if I have time between watching Lost and doing my homework.

That is all.

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