Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nothing Exciting. Seriously.

Well, if I die in my sleep tonight or go into a diabetic coma or something, at least you'll have this.

I woke up this morning feeling really low on energy, so it took me a little while to get going.  I went to Boulder to buy my one book, whereupon I realized that I am going to be in college.  Again.  A part of the college community and all that includes.  It's a little scary, a little annoying, a little exciting.

I did some grocery shopping and picked up my meds, then went home and took a nap.  After I got up, Phoenix and I went to get some dog food (I've opted not to go ultra-fancy-natural just yet) and we went to my parents' house to pick up my dad's bike and some salsa for Tiff.  Which I then brought to her.  Then I went home.  Kate called me and I sat and talked to her for a short while, but while I was talking to her I started to feel like I was high or something.  Light-headed, really shaky and my heart was pounding.  It just went away by itself, I guess, but while I was in the shower just now it came back, and it took every ounce of energy I could muster to finish showering.  I am still kind of shaky.  I feel like I've got low blood-sugar, which is impossible because I ate a big salad a couple of hours ago, with feta, croutons and ranch dressing.  So I definitely have sugar in my blood.  I feel sort of bloated, like I'm really super full, even though I haven't really eaten anything today except some salsa, that salad and some pink lemonade.  I don't like feeling this way.

It hit me while I was in the shower that maybe it's diabetes, since I have a lot of the symptoms of the onset of it.  Peeing a lot, being super thirsty, low energy, etc.  So if I die in my sleep from diabetic shock, someone needs to make sure they look at that.  Obviously I'm being facetious and a hypochondriac (gotta stick with your strengths!), but the fact that my heart rate is way too high even though I'm not doing anything is disturbing  me a bit.  No pain, just some nausea and shakiness.

I had a loooooong talk with Kara last night, and it was great.  She called me around 11pm and we talked for over 2 hours about life, mental illness, how stupid people are, etc.  I miss her a lot, but I'm really glad I got to talk to her for a good long while and get caught up with her.

Now I need to go to bed because I really do feel like crap and I'd like to wake up not feeling like crap.  *Hope*

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