Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Think This Makes No Sense.

So.  Tired.  Got up this morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 9am.  Got up and going right away for some reason.  Went over to my parents house and took Phoenix running.  Did 3.5 miles today, and even contemplated doing more.  I'm really glad I didn't because I was pouring sweat by the time we got home, although the run didn't really hurt that badly.  I'm definitely a little sore in the normal spots, but nothing too horrible.  I'm thinking about not running tomorrow just to give my legs a little break, but at the same time, I feel like my tolerance is increasing so I also want to do a 4 mile if not longer.  I think it will depend on how I feel when I wake up tomorrow.  I should probably also spend the rest of tonight with ice in all the right places.

I took my stupid car in to get the brakes fixed, which turned out to be a $500 fucking job.  Which was about $300 more than I was expecting, so there goes one of the funner things I was hoping to get out of my loan and grant money.  I'm really mad about it, but I'm trying to let it go.  I'm trying to remind myself that there isn't much I can do about it, especially at this point.  As much as I don't want to keep this car much longer, I have to come to terms with the fact that I am probably going to have to, so I might as well keep it in good working order.  Just ugh.

I took the suburban to Sprouts to get veggies, for dinner and to make some fresh salsa for Tiffany who's had a pregnancy craving for it.  Then I discovered that I could get 50% off a Dyson vacuum with my little sister's employee discount at Kohl's, so we went and got one.  I wasn't able to put it on her or my Kohl's charge, and didn't have cash, so we put it on hold and went to the ATM and then picked my stupid car up.  By that time it was like 4, which is sitting and drinking and talking with my parents time, so we just went home.

I grilled the steaks, but left them on a little too high and so they were a little overdone.  I made the veggies, too.  Oh well.  After dinner my sister and I went to pick up the vacuum finally, and I got it for $270, when it was originally $450.  So I'm pretty stoked about that, although spending $500 on my car was an unanticipated expense, so now I'm really hesitant to even open the stupid box in case I change my mind and decide to get my money back.  Somehow I got $70 Kohl's cash, which is a freaking lot (it's like a $70 gift card), so maybe I'll buy my little sister something nice to say thank you.  Although she did ask me to help her dye her hair for the 80th time, which I did sort of in exchange for her helping me out with the vacuum, so maybe I'll just get some new work clothes.  Definitely feeling some major guilt and uncertainty about the purchase, because I really don't NEED a $450 vacuum, whereas I do need an $800 laptop.  Which I may not be able to get now...

Anyway, I'm finally back home.  It has been a long-ass day and I'm real tired.  I definitely had a lot of different thoughts today, ranging from how much I love the end of summer because it just feels more relaxed and tranquil to me, to how I need to really chill out about money and just do the best I can.  Ugh.  Still just ugh.

I need to get to bed, as much as I want to vacuum.  Which is a really strange sentence.  I need to sleep on my  day's decisions and see where I am tomorrow.  I really hope I'm feeling up to running because I want the challenge.  Also, I'm now craving some of my salsa, but it's at my parent's house.  So, crap.  Oh well.  Time to make the best of it.

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