Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Last Day

You know what's nice? Having someone to sit next to and chat with when you're waiting for a plane at the airport. Due to lack of forethought, really on any of our parts, I checked into the airport about 8 hours before my flight, but Kate's mom missed her flight by mere minutes and could not get another flight until 6pm EST, so she and I had lunch and some beers, and have just been hanging out together. It's like having a second mom, it really is. 2nd mom knows everything about me, and genuinely cares for me, and is really fun to be around. I have spent lots of one-on-one time with her over the years, so being with her by myself is no big thing.  Everyone should have a 2nd mom, especially one like this one. Just a genuinely good person. So I'm totally enjoying having arrived at the airport crazy early today. And the reason I was here so early anyway was because Kate and I couldn't figure anything out to do in Raleigh after we'd taken 2nd mom to the airport, and it's a 1 hour, 45 minute drive back to Fayetteville from Raleigh so we had planned to just stay in Raleigh and find something to do. We did go to breakfast, and then to an outlet mall near the airport (which ended up being the lamest mall of any kind I've ever seen, as like 4 stores were open. Worse than the Westminster mall. We hit a kid's clothing store and then took off. Well, Kate's kiddo is train-crazy so we window-shopped at a closed model-train store that had a detailed Thomas the Tank display. Then we left. I just had her take me to the airport because we were both bored and sleepy and she still had a 2 hour drive home and also got about 10 less hours of sleep than I got in the last couple days. And as I am used to boredom, I knew I could figure out how to entertain myself as needed. Mostly I think I could have spent the entire time people-watching.  

So now we are at my gate, and just hanging out for the next hour and a half before we have to board. Well, 2.5 hours for me. I am hoping to be able to just pass the fuck out on the plane. I'm going to need to accumulate all the sleep I can get before I can spend all of Thursday morning unconscious. I should have taken tomorrow off. 

I think that's all I'm going to write for now, even though I'm bored and sleepy (oh, so sleepy!). If I feel like it I'll write a decent post at work tomorrow. I have lots to write about!! 

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