Monday, August 29, 2011

Subsequent Monday

This one is a quickie today, because it's 4:30, and I still have reading to do that I'd like to get done before I get home.

First, I am extremely proud of myself.  I did the entire reading for my Judaism class tomorrow, which was a lot.  It was 39 pages in one book, 9 pages of an excerpt, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 separate chapters of the Jewish Bible.  I've already complete the short, 10-point online quiz that is required, and am on to the reading for my Social Psychology class, which is a little more dense, but I understand it better.  The problem I had with the Judaism readings is that I have no contextual basis for much of it, being a Protestant Christian.  I don't know most of the stuff that Judaism encompasses, and although the readings today were an introduction to the Torah, the Jewish Bible (called the Tanakh) and the basis for Judaic belief, I still had no clue what much of it meant.  I don't know Hebrew, so I didn't have any idea what any Hebrew words meant, and I was able to put together much of the Genesis and Exodus stories based on Christian belief that I already knew, but what I already knew is comparatively little to what I had to read about today.

Either way, I got that done.  I can finish the SP stuff at home if I have to - or I can leave for class early tomorrow and read when I get to school. 

I had the hardest time waking up this morning - I'm pretty sure it's from being so active all weekend.  So I plan to get to bed early tonight, although that's going to depend on how sucked into Lost I get.  I'm at a really good part right now and had to force myself to stop so I could do some homework today.

My legs are really sore still.  I feel like I should have bruises in all the areas that are incredibly tender.  But I don't.  I iced all night long last night, and for awhile at work today but the fucking air conditioning in this building is up so fucking high that I thought I was freezing to death at one point today and had to take it off.  Tomorrow at the school gym I will probably do the stair machine and the elliptical again to give my joints some relief.  The shoes I need cost somewhere around $100 so I have to figure out how I am going to pay for that on top of everything else.  I have a ton of things I have to pay for, including a $20 increase in my cable bill and the addition of $50 each month to go towards my IRS debt.  I could theoretically just pay it off now with the money I have left from school and be done with it, but I really want to use that as a cushion.  I have gone ahead and requested the second half of my loan to be released early to cover the laptop I need, but I don't want to have to spend any more of that unless it's an absolute emergency.  It's my savings for a probable move after graduation.

I'll get it figured out.  What's interesting is that my bills will pop into my head at some random moment and I will have a momentary freak-out, but I remind myself that I'll figure it out when I need to and not to focus on it and let it alter my mood.

I checked my Judaism syllabus today and it looks like I have three days of no class due to Jewish holidays coming up, so I will be able to schedule some appointment sometime to get to Denver and speak with a Navy OCS recruiter and get more information and start that whole process.  I am still considering officially declaring a second major in Sociology, and if I do that, I can take a couple classes in the Spring without a lot of pressure and get all the grant money I've been awarded.  Which sounds like a better and better idea the more I think about it.

There is a lady sitting in the chair in the lobby right now, talking on her cell phone.  She is a tenant but today is the last day I'll see her because her company is moving out of the building, so she is building up a big good-bye or something.  I know she's going to freaking tie me up talking and talking once she gets off the phone so I need to try to stay busy for the next 13 minutes or so. 

Either way, that's all I want to write about for now.  I need to get started closing up shop.

I'm looking forward to this week.  Hopefully it goes by as quickly as last week.  Then I get Monday off of work, and Tuesday I have no Anatomy lab, so I'm out at noon.  It will be a nice little break for me.  Just gotta make it through the next 4 days.

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