Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lovely, Lovely Day

Oh my gosh.  So tired.

Ran 3.5 miles today, and it was hard.  Not as hard as its been in the past, but not easy.  I also got real sunburned.  Z was even tired before we got home.

Went to Kohl's to spend my Kohl's cash, bought some workout clothes and a couple work blouses.  Went to GNC and bought some protein shake mix to supplement what I'm not getting by not eating too much each day and needing to have something for before my runs.  We'll see how it tastes tomorrow.

Spent a couple hours babysitting with my little sister, and the kids were pretty much great.  Super cute and funny.  I finally got to hear all about Z's first week in kindergarten, and when I asked him what he thought, he replied, "So cool!"  That's great.

Dinner was delicious, the day was hot, the airshow was going on out at the airport so we had crazy loud plane sounds going on all day long.  I award today an A, for exceeds standards.  It was pretty great.  We'll see about tomorrow.

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