Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Big Decision

Oh today was a long day.  I did get up and move a couple of boxes to my future home, and I did break the news to my mom and my sister.  They're not thrilled, although I did not expect them to be.  My mom's response was that I should have discussed it with them before deciding.  When I said I was going to go stay there while I saved up money to get a place of my own (with or without roommates), she said I could stay here.  Which is not what she said the other day.  My dad knows, although I didn't tell him, and he didn't say a word about it to me.

It was about the reaction I expected.  I am terribly nervous to be doing something so spur of the moment, because I'm quite a rational person for the most part, and I don't often do things without thinking about them ad nauseum.  However, I think it's probably good for me to be doing something like this.  I think it will really help with the fear that I feel for making any big changes in my life.  It's a step, if nothing else.

I did get to talk to Kara on the phone for a long time today, and her husband, and that made me feel good.  Talking to Kara always makes me feel good, no matter how shitty I feel before I get on the phone with her.  I think everyone should have someone like that in their lives.

I only moved a few things today and I'm glad for it, because if I'd planned to move anything more I'd have been caught in the snowstorm that hit today.  So I'll work tomorrow, pack up tomorrow night and move the rest on Friday!  And so begins the rest of my life!  It's crazy how it's working out and I'm honestly pretty satisfied.  Prepare for some new blogs about the joys of living in an entirely different situation, with a whole new family (I'm being adopted into a family of four), and living with a roommate who for the first time I'd known since before moving in and who will bring out the super-girly in me.  Should be interesting!!

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