Friday, January 14, 2011

Whoa. Just Whoa.

What a good day today ended up being!  I got my own car back.  I paid off my CU debt.  Two humongous weights have been lifted from my shoulders.  I spend much of the day running around - I had to go to the bank to get cash to pay for my car (I paid $770, my dad paid $150), then we went to get the car.  On the way there, my dad informed me that there was a chance that my car's registration wasn't current so I might have to go down to Arvada to pay it, which I did.  Then I got my oil changed (another f-ing $60 on the car), then I went to CU to give them the check from my dad.  I also dropped off my readmission application while I was there. 

I got home and felt weightless.  I find it very hard to describe in words how different I feel without that hanging over my head.  I was struggling to make $50 payments each month to CU, with half of each payment going towards the interest on the debt itself (roughly 10%).  With my job I could afford to make higher payments but hadn't had a chance yet since I was saving up to pay for my car which was a more immediate necessity. 

I woke up in a much better mood today than I ended the day yesterday in, which was also really nice.  I hate the days when my patience gets low with the kids and I end up snapping at them.  They don't need more than one person taking their shortcomings out on them every day, and they already have that from their mom.

This may, in fact, be the first blog that I've written slightly tipsy.  I had a beer, a shot of brandy, and then a couple of mimosas to celebrate.  My sister had a guy over to help take the radiator out of her van (codename: Bubba), and he stayed for dinner.  He's a redneck, but he's perfectly nice.  My dad got pretty drunk by sitting around and talking with him after working on the van.  The overall mood of the house is calm, albeit slightly giddy.  It's a really nice change.  I'm planning to get ready for bed and get in and snuggle with Phoenix while we watch crappy TV or a movie.  My idea of the perfect end to a great day.

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