Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A (Thankfully) Regular Day

It might have been that we'd only had the kids over for like 4 hours, but I was astonished by my sister's seemingly limitless patience with her kids last night.  There was virtually no yelling.  It may have also been the lack of organization with which we had dinner last night, too.  No stress, no huge mess to clean up afterward, and sort of a fend-for-yourself kind of night.  It was very refreshing.  I didn't feel the tension of chaos that normally permeates the house when the kids are there.

I was awakened around 2am to H opening my door, and when I pretended I didn't hear him, he laid down in the hall, making random sighing noises.  When I decided he probably needed something and got up, I found him butt-naked and saying that he needed new pajamas.  No pull-up last night.  I wonder if it's normal to be wetting the bed every night at 3 years and 10 months, or if he is really having trouble adjusting to the new living arrangements.  I got him in a pull-up and dry jammies and tucked him back into bed, where he proceeded to make huffing and sniffling noises of feigned tears because I wouldn't let him come sleep in my bed with me.  I love it dearly when he comes in to "snuggle" me, but I think I need to set some boundaries with the kiddos.  It's probably not good that they rarely last a whole night in their own beds, but then again they are still very young.

Last night was very fun, though.  I taught them the word "epidermis," which they started using with great relish by telling everyone where their epidermis was and where it was showing.  I just love watching them grow and learn.  Z is able to say both his addresses and spell both his and H's names out.  It's glorious.  It's like Z has discovered that learning is a challenge, but it's an exciting challenge that he is more than willing to explore.  For someone who enjoys learning as much as I do, it's marvelous to see a child (almost MY child) excited about it too.

I started the day out in a real cranky mood.  I hate Tuesdays and here's why: Mondays are okay because you're still coming down from the weekend.  By Wednesday you can say you're halfway through the week.  But on Tuesday, you have little recollection of the weekend, and there's still four whole days left until the weekend.  Tuesdays SUCK.  I came into the office to some strange alarm going off in the office that's right next to the front desk.  The extreme cold does something to the doors in my building and so the alarm goes off at the drop of a hat, so as soon as someone came in after me, the alarm went off.  I was worried that that would set the tone for the day, but ultimately it did not, thank God.  Over the course of the day I felt more and more cheery, and I'm not sure why.  I think I've given up the ghost, so to speak.

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