Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nerves of Tissue Paper

Today was an interesting day. I'd meant to go give blood this morning, time permitting, but time did not permit. I ended up spending much of the morning lazing around and watching TV. By the time Tiffany and family returned from church (from where the blood drive was occurring), I still wasn't dressed. I spent the remainder of the morning watching Dexter. I took Phoenix to the dog park so he could run out a bit of anxiety, but it was awfully cold so we only did half a round. We got home and vegged. Watched some crappy TV while everyone was gone and napped.

After everyone got home, we watched our first episode of Glee (it was fantastic) and got ready to meet EMT school friend.

Seeing him was fabulous. He's a really nice, friendly and funny guy. I had a blast catching up with him and I'm so very glad I got to see him before he leaves for Greenland. Since I'm writing on my phone, I won't include details, but I'll have more time to write at work tomorrow.

Until then...

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