Thursday, January 27, 2011

For the Millionth Time

Today is dragging by.  Slowly.

So, yesterday was good.  I got up and went to the gym with Tiffany, where I proceeded to do 30 minutes of cardio, sweating so profusely you'd think I'd dunked my head in a horse-trough.  It felt good though, to work out.  I had planned to try to start hitting the gym to get into shape on the 25th or 26th of January, and go on all of my days off of work which is only four days a week, and I think I can handle that.  I mean, I've already started! If I can keep it up, I'll be very proud of myself.

After that, we went home and watched a couple of episodes of 30 Rock, because in agreement for me taking up Glee, Tiffany has agreed to take up 30 Rock.  It's a sweet deal because so far I like Glee and she likes 30 Rock!  Then we left to go donate blood.  This is where the day takes a silly turn.  Tiffany has donated a gallon of blood over the course of her life, and I've only been able to donate one other time in my life.  Tiffany is a gusher, and I had to be poked with a 16.5 gauge needle in BOTH ARMS.  The right arm wouldn't yield blood quickly enough to be used, so they poked my left arm.  It took awhile to get the vein, but they did get it.  After like 230mL, the blood flow slowed down.  I guess they have 5 minutes to collect 400mL of blood or more (a fully unit is 470mL), and mine slowed so much that they decided to give up.  I'm not squeamish about being poked and prodded or blood, and I was totally fine after all of that, but today my arms are SORE!!  That needle is huge and they must have really knicked some of my muscle-fibers or nerves or something.  I'm also bruised, although not as badly as after playing around with the IVs in Hawaii.  I'm kind of sad that I am just not one of those people who can donate blood.  I'm not going to give up yet, though. 

We grabbed some lunch at Tokyo Joe's (yum!) and went home.  I read for a short while and then took a nap.  In the two times I was out of the house yesterday, I left Phoenix alone.  He did really well, although he was crazy excited, which is a symptom of his separation anxiety.  I'm still leaving him at my parents' house while I'm at work, but I can start leaving him at Tiffany's for an hour or more.  I can imagine how nerve-wracking it must be for him to be unaware of when I'm coming back, or even IF I'm coming back.  It makes me angry to think that some people decided to get rid of him when they couldn't handle his separation anxiety behavior instead of putting in the time to work with him on it.  He's such a sweetheart and just wants to be loved, which is all I do!!  He is my heart!

I agreed to hang out with Tiffany's kiddos while she went to an appointment, although I had originally hoped to run over to my parents house to take my mom up on an offer to pay for some gas for my car since I'm beyond broke at the moment.  So I called my mom to tell her I'd be over later, only to have her tell me not to bother because apparently my sister had taken her debit card a few days ago, and gone to the bars with it, racking up a $90 bill. 

Somehow I am shocked.  It's not as though we didn't anticipate this behavior from her, but I just keep hoping that she'll make better decisions.  I asked my mom what her consequences would be, and all my mom said was that she talked to my sister and my sister had taken everything my mom said "to heart" and was now doing everything my mom was saying.  With her lips up my mom's ass.  I said to my mom that I'm pretty sure my sister doesn't feel an ounce of sorrow or guilt over what she had done, but she was pretending to be sorry and feel guilty simply because she thinks that is how she's supposed to act.  I think my mom is finally beginning to accept that my sister has a Sociopathic Personality Disorder.  And the problem is that as long as my sister can put her kids in between the consequences that she should face for all the dumbass shit she pulls and actually doing the dumbass shit, she's not going to face any kind of tangible consequences besides the wrath of my parents anger and furor.  And apparently she feels that she can live with that. 

When I took Phoenix over this morning to the house (and I wanted to say hi to the kids), my dad and I were able to talk briefly, and he told me that that was the third time in as many weeks that she had absconded with one of their debit cards (under the pretense she was using it to put gas in the truck) and then gone and used it for whatever else without their permission.  As though they have an unlimited amount of cash that she's just allowed to use whenever and for whatever she wants. 

I have to stop here because I need to go home, and I can't seem to begin writing and then stop and pick back up later, so I'll have to just wait to finish my rant until tomorrow's post.  I plan to go to my parents house for dinner and to hang out with the kids for awhile and then head back to Tiffany's.  Tomorrow I will be getting my wireless router out of storage to set up at Tiffany's so I can have internet in my room.  Hopefully I will survive the evening without losing it on my sister.  If I don't make it, at least I can leave.

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