Sunday, June 26, 2011

4 Down, 1 To Go

Well.  That didn't happen.  I didn't do anything I had planned to do today.  I don't feel guilty or upset about it at all, though.  My sister called me late last night to tell me that I might not have to watch the kids today, because their dad's mom and sister were going to go to the zoo in the morning so the kids might be going with them.  She was supposed to call me this morning to verify if I'd need to go over, but my alarm went off and I ended up calling over there to see if they needed me, which they didn't.  So I went back to sleep.

I wrestled all day with going to the library to do research for my paper, and decided to forego it.  I was awakened at 4am to Rainey barking outside the back door.  God only knows how long she'd been out there, but I know for a fact that all three dogs were up and about most of the night because Nali was in my room until her mommy came home, and she made a point of lying there yipping and barking at Phoenix and me for a reason that I am not privy to.  I finally got to sleep when she was downstairs and started barking at something, which got the other two dogs going.  It seemed like every time I fell asleep, the barking would start up again.  So I was really grateful not to have to get up this morning.  Anyway, I couldn't get right back to sleep when I got up at 4am to let Rainey in, because my brain was ruminating on the paper I have due this week, so I got up and started doing some research online.  The paper requires at least 7 scholarly sources, and I can definitely get them via Google Scholar, but I wanted to cover my bases just in case I can't, so that's where the library came into the picture.  But it looks like I won't have a problem finding enough sources online.  I even wrote the first line of the paper while I was up, but I didn't want to get all into it.

I seem to work a lot better under pressure.  There's something about the stress of having a deadline looming over my head that gets my creative juices flowing.  Which is probably why I write a lot of my blog posts at night.  Anyway, because I have less reading and discussion and theory applications this week, I am pretty sure I will be able to get most of the paper written while I'm at work, or do it at night.  It's only 5-6 pages, double spaced, and I am pretty sure I can pound that out without even scratching the surface of my topic.  I was also able to work out, in my head, how we're going to structure the presentation so that it is cohesive and makes sense, even though my group seems intent upon NOT doing any work on it.  I know I'll get an A, anyway.

So instead of worrying about it and fretting over it, I decided to just relax a bit.  I napped on and off throughout the day, but it got really hard to sleep around 3pm because it got so hot in my room, so I filled a water bottle with ice water and curled up next to it and watched TV.  I finally got up and going around 7pm.  I went to the store to get my stock of soda for the week, along with some more ice cream.  You know, just the essentials.  Then I came home and popped in Despicable Me and painted my toenails.  It's cooling off now, with a nice cool breeze coming in the window, but it's not really staying in the room.  One of my favorite movies, The Ghost and the Darkness is going to be on HBO in about a half an hour, so I am going to stay up to at least watch the beginning of it.  I figure I got enough sleep during the day to allow for me to stay up a little late tonight.

I feel like I'm starting to wind down from the last 4 weeks of class.  I know that if I can just get through this week, I have a three-day weekend ahead of me, and then only two days of work next week.  So I'm going to do the best I can but not beat myself up for not hitting my usual mark of perfectionism.  I emailed the professor who is running the online Zombies class during July to see if he'd give me special permission to get into the class, but I haven't heard back and don't really expect to, so it looks like I'll have all of July and most of August to relax.  And if I don't get to graduate at the end of the fall, it will kind of suck, but it will also be just fine.  It's not like I'm in a big ol' hurry for anything since I don't even know what the hell I'm going to do after I graduate (aside from maybe demand a big raise at work or look for a different job).  I worked on my Peace Corps application a little around 5am this morning, too, got some dates added to it that I'd been procrastinating on, and sent out two of my three requests for recommendations.  All I need to do is whittle down my essays a little (maybe rewrite them) and figure out who my third recommendation is going to be, and then I'm done.  I've been getting all sorts of reminders from the Peace Corps to get my application in by July 1st to be considered for deployment by July of 2012, so that's kind of the date I'd like to get it in by, but I may have to wait until I'm done with all the craziness of this week.  It'll depend on how much progress I make on my paper and presentation, I guess.

So now it's time to crawl back onto (not into - too hot) my bed and get as much relaxing done as I can before tomorrow begins.  As much as I hate feeling flustered and over-busy, I seem to be rising to the occasion quite nicely.  I'd like to hope that I can continue down that path...

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