Saturday, June 18, 2011

Getting Caught Up

Blah.  I don't feel like writing.  For the bajillionth time.  It might be because I didn't have to do any kind of writing for school today.  I got up around 11:30 and got going pretty much right away.  My only real goal for today was to do some cleaning in my room so it wasn't so totally filthy anymore.  I felt like there was a thick layer of dust on everything and a thin layer of sand from when I took Phoenix to the dog park last weekend and he was covered in sand and then laid on my bed.  So I cleaned and vacuumed.  It felt better.

Then I took Phoenix and Nali to the dog park.  I bought a couple of toys yesterday that I wanted to get Phoenix interested in at home so if I took them to the dog park and threw them in the pond he would go in after them.  Yeah.  That didn't work.  Nali went after them, but she got about halfway back to the shore with one and then left it.  I could not, for the life of me, get her to go back out and get it.  So I basically just threw $5 into that pond today.  I'm a little bitter about it.

Phoenix and I went to my parents house after that, and played with the kids, had some beers and talked with my sisters and my parents.  It was really fun.  My parents are starting to get the rhythm of things, starting to understand all the kids' personalities and having an easier time with them, not getting so fried.  I think it helped that my little sister was there, but I've noticed a change in both my parents' attitudes about being with the kids.  I don't know if it's a conscious change or what, but it helps a lot.

And that's about it for today.  I made a point of having three beers over there because I felt like my mood was pretty crappy.  I think it's still kind of crappy, especially because I don't feel like writing, but I know it will improve.

I'm going to go to bed now.  I'm definitely tired, and I kind of want to get up extra early, go get donuts, and then go back to bed.  We'll see if that actually happens.  I put this as a facebook status, and it's certainly true. As hard as it is, and as tired as I am, I love being a student.  But I sure wish I was done with these classes already.

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