Tuesday, June 28, 2011


At this point, I think I probably look like I have the chicken pox.  Between the breakout of zits on my face, chest, and shoulders and the like 15 mosquito bites I got tonight, I am covered in lovely red spots.  Half of them are itchy, and the other half are sort of painful.  I put some witch hazel on the mosquito bites since I don't have any itch cream or anything and so they're still super itchy.

Okay, so today went decently.  I spent the last two and a half hours of work re-reading and studying my notes for SGS.  I felt pretty prepared for the test, much moreso than the last test.  I met with my group straight after work, and we got things set up for how we're going to do our presentation and how we're going to make it cohesive, and we're sharing a google docs presentation (which is a way cool to work on a project like this), and we're meeting again on Thursday to put the finishing touches on it.  So I feel better about that.

Then I took the test.  And I don't feel like I did well.  The problem with the social sciences classes is that the answers to the questions on a test like this are kind of subjective.  I felt like a lot of the questions could have had more than one right answer because of the spectrum of what we discussed in class.  I hate when instructors throw in a trick question here or there by wording it a certain way or throwing in a double negative or a confusing or repetitive answer.  So I'm not going to put all my chickens in a row in terms of hoping I got a good enough grade to put me over the A line.  I'll probably end up with a fucking B simply because the tests fucked me.  This test was a lot harder than the last test, and I did everything correctly.  I read everything.  I attended every single class.  I participated in every discussion.  I took copious notes.  I re-read the readings.  I studied my notes.  The problem is that the information we were supposed to have gotten out of the readings was really vast.  I'm not real thrilled with the way this class has sort of turned out.  50% of our grade is going to be on the paper and presentation, but if I don't do as well as I want to do, my grade is going to suffer, even though I did everything right.   In the past,  I could totally blame a crappy grade on my skipping class, or not reading - I could blame myself and rightly so.  But this time, I feel like I'm getting screwed by the content.  Maybe I'll stop and talk to my teacher after class in the next couple of days...

So tonight, I dropped Phoenix off with my mom to stay for the next couple of days while it's ridiculously hot and I'm busy.  I spent some time over there just chatting with her and sitting outside, and then I came home.  Linda had called me earlier in the day to tell me that she and Meredi were going to be BBQing tonight and I was welcome to join them if I wanted.  I swear, if it weren't the last few days of class I would have gladly planned to join.  I wanted to do some reading tonight, watch the video I'm supposed to watch for the second to last discussion and get caught up and ready for the end of the class.  I showered, and planned to get some reading done, but Meredi and Linda begged me to come down and join them for Vietnamese spring rolls, so I did.  Which is how I got the mosquito bites - we ate outside at dusk.  I came back up and it was already 9!!  I feel like I've wasted the night.  Oh well.  I don't have anything DUE tomorrow, really.  I need to watch that film and get caught up on the readings for my Criminology test tomorrow evening, and hopefully I can do that at work tomorrow.  I'd really, really like to get an A in this class.  Hell, I'd like to get an A in both classes but I don't see that happening.

So I'm going to finish doing my responses for the discussion thread for the day and hop into bed.  It's bloody hot in here right now but there's not a damn thing I can do about it.  Thank GOD tomorrow is Wednesday.

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