Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Next Morning

I feel better now.  Not 100% but close.  I awoke to a disquieted brain.  I'm not sure how I could have been asleep and still been working out whatever it is that my brain deems important enough not to let alone.

This morning my brain is working on my future, yet again.  After learning last night that the state of New York has voted to legalize same-sex marriage, I was overjoyed. In my SGS class we watched a film about the stigma attached to same-sex marriage and the issues that are being debated in the argument over whether two people of the same sex should be allowed to marry.  In my opinion, marriage is an institution that celebrates the love between two people, at least in this age.  Long ago, it was a matter of the exchange of property, but now it's about love.

Anyway, after watching the film, I feel the need to fully support same-sex marriage.  And my godmother lives in Buffalo, NY, and is gay.  If she wants to marry her partner, she can do so.  And what could possibly be better than that?

Now I'm watching You Don't Know Jack on HBO which is a movie about Jack Kevorkian and the issue of assisted suicide.  That's another something I'm in support of.  The combination of two very hot-button issues that I have knowledge of and have decided to support make me wonder what my future has in store for me.  Will I be an activist?  Will I at some point be in a position of power that I can use to my advantage?  What an exciting prospect.

So, today, I am going to go to my parents house and spend some time in the sunshine, getting tan.  Then I'm going to take some pups to the dog park to run around and cool off.  And then a steak dinner and some relaxation time.  Tomorrow, it's supposed to be even hotter, but I need to get this paper punched out, so I am going to spend some time at the library doing some research on the gender implications of the female pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.  It doesn't really mesh with the rest of my group's topics, but I am hoping we can make it work.

So now it's time to get ready for the day.  Yuck.  I wish I could sleep for about 10 more hours, but the guilt I'd feel in doing that is not worth the satisfaction I'll feel in getting that much rest.  Next weekend, perhaps.

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