Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Halfway Through the Week Already?

Today went pretty well.  I really have no complaints.  Work went well - I made a point of finding out who it was that complained about me, and it was the person I suspected.  The woman is a financial adviser, and when she comes in, she has this air about her that just says to me that I'm not worth her time.  She comes in the doors all huffy and practically runs past me.  I have several times attempted to give her her mail (as per my job description), and before I can even say anything, she's gone.  And the few times I have attempted to give her her mail, she tells me she doesn't want it then, or that she can't take it right then because her hands are full.  So I've sort of made a point of treating her how she treats me.  So why should she expect me to be any nicer to her?  Why should I give her any of my time or attention when she doesn't give me any of hers?  I read the two emails that she sent my boss, and they were really short, but she said that I'm not very attentive or friendly, that I don't give her her mail and that I won't send her calls to her on her cell phone as she's requested (there's something in there too, about my dropping a transfer on her or something, but I honestly have no fucking idea what she's talking about). She once requested, when I first started the job, that if she's not in the office, that I transfer calls to her cell phone.  She's one of like three of our tenants with this request (because she's so important that she can't miss phone calls even though she's rarely in the office), but if I've transferred two or more calls to her cell and she doesn't answer, I just tell people she's unavailable.  She must be if she's not picking up the calls.  Then I put the calls to her office voicemail.  Well she called today and I told her that I'd been dropping calls into her office voicemail if she doesn't pick up her cell because that's what I do with the other tenants who request calls to be transferred to their cell phones, because she never specified otherwise.  I was syrupy, sickly sweet to her on the phone and I will be furthermore paying her WAY too much attention.  I just want to show her that she's wrong about me, and that the golden rule is not just an abstract thought.  I truly believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated, and per that adage, I treat her as she treats me.  Like I'm unimportant.

So that's that.  I'm putting it in my past as best I can while still making a point of giving her exaggerated amounts of attention.  That's the only way I'm going to be able to feel better about the whole thing.

I left the office and rode up to campus (the Hill is not getting any easier on the bike) and I brought a beach towel with me today, and I laid out in the sun while I finished the readings for class.  It was HOT.  I was pouring sweat.  I really wanted to go jump into Boulder Creek after class, but the classroom is air-conditioned and I was perfectly comfortable after class so I didn't; tomorrow I'll jump in and then ride up the hill and dry off in the sun.  That sounds perfect.

After class I zipped home to grab Phoenix and we went to my parents house.  The kids had just gotten there and so we played and hung out for a little while and then ate dinner.  I stayed and played for just a little while after that and then left.  Phoenix was so hot in the car on the way home that I decided upon pulling up to my house that I was going to take him and Nali to the dog park to cool off.  They had a blast.  Nali even chased some tennis balls.  They're both passed out in my room right now.

Overall, I'm in a pretty decent mood today.  Having beautiful weather and some freedom between work and class seems to really make a difference in my day.  I'm going to try to get ahead on some of my homework  now while I watch Conan so that I'm not all flustered trying to get it done at work tomorrow while I'm answering phones and being asked inane questions and kissing asses of people with overly inflated egos.  Or else I'll just go to bed because I'm really fricking tired.

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