Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Can See the Light...

I am the queen of multi-tasking.  Right now, I am watching Conan and writing a discussion post for Criminology on the Developmental/Life Course theory of crime, and writing this post and also trying not to die from the pain in my uterus.  I wrote yesterday's post while I was still at work - so prior to 1:30pm - and I went to the lady doc to get my second round of Lupron yesterday after school.  Apparently it was too late, because I am bleeding like a stuck pig and I have cramps to beat the band.  Not that that is an actual expression.  But ow.  I'm pissed.  I think my emotional issues yesterday were the result of massive PMS and hormonal shifts.  Because seriously I am in the middle of full-fledged menstruation.  Which is NOT GOOD for my reproductive system.

I felt a whole lot better today, emotionally.  I definitely felt really compassionate this morning, but in a good way. Going to class helps my mood a lot.

I had to get my first prescriptions filled since dropping my insurance.  Again, ow.  It totaled $130.  Which is as much as I was paying for insurance PLUS an extra $50 in prescription costs.  So, really, it's cheaper this way.  Plus, I have patient assistance for the Lupron and Norithendrone (hormone add-back therapy) and I switched my Effexor to Effexor XR so I could get patient assistance - although I forgot I had the damn card for $50 off today and paid full price.  I wonder if I can go back tomorrow with the card and ask for money back...

And I got a 98% on my Criminology test yesterday.  That's more like what I should be getting in that class.  My newest existential problem is choosing whether to try and double/triple major in Sociology and Integrative Physiology, or one or the other, and minoring in one or the other, or throwing it all out the window and going into the Peace Corps.  I'm leaning towards a second major in Soc because a Criminology major will open the doors for me that I want opened for the FBI, CIA or US Marshals.  But IPHY will open doors for me for the possibilities of nursing and forensic pathology or forensic anthropology.  So I've got some serious thinking to do.  Either way, when I've graduated, I either need to demand a raise at work to $15/hour or comparable or find a different, higher-paying part-time job so I can keep going to school.  We shall see about that.

But somehow it's 10:30pm and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open.  And tomorrow's going to be just as busy as today and yesterday because I've made an appointment to speak to a health insurance agent and get a quote at 1:30 tomorrow, so I won't have time to read in between class and work.

PS - I like both my classes a lot.  I'm learning so much, and learning about the social pressures that are built into the society in which we live is helping me cope with the things that I view as personal shortcomings.  And the kids I'm supposed to do the presentation with next week are all actually very cool and I'm looking forward to working with them more.  

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