Monday, June 27, 2011

Pressure's On

Ugh.  Today is over.  So at least there's that.  It went by pretty quickly.  I'm still totally dreading the rest of the week though.  I have my SGS test tomorrow, and that's going to be kind of tough.  She writes the test almost entirely on the readings we had to do, and even though I haven't missed a single moment of any class, and I've done all the readings, I don't have the best memory of all the details of the readings, which are where some of the questions are going to come from.  So I need to go back over each and every one.  That's two (sometimes three) readings a day, for 5 days a week, and over the course of two weeks and a day.  So, somewhere around 25 readings?  Freaking yuck.  But at least once that's over with, I don't have to study anymore for that class.

I started writing my paper today, got about half a page punched out, and got my works cited done.  So I have all the research I need to have, and I'm sure I'll come up with more.  I'm meeting with my group before class tomorrow to get the presentation all worked out (hopefully I can do my bit of the powerpoint presentation and pass it off to someone else to put it together since I still have the rest of Criminology to finish).  But at least I'm making a little progress, both with the paper and with my group.  We should have the presentation ready to go by Friday with no problem, and I don't think I'll have any trouble getting the paper done by Thursday.

So, after class today, I stopped and got a pizza, and got home and ate half the thing.  It was good.  I'm going to have at least two more slices tonight.  And the season premieres of Weeds and The Big C start in about 40 minutes, so I have until then to do some work on whatever homework I want to work on.  I'm definitely feeling the pressure but it's a good kind of pressure.  It's the kind of pressure that will motivate me when the time is right.  I like.

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