Saturday, February 5, 2011

Almost 100 Years Later - Influenza

Day four of sickness.  SO over it.  I'm bored of sleeping (who'd have thought?), and I'm trying to function as normally as I can, but I want to feel better so I'm making a conscious effort to rest and recover to the best of my ability.  Several times today I've thought of going to the hospital because my symptoms are almost more than I can bear.  The only thing stopping me is the thought of the hospital bills that would follow, and that I simply cannot stand.

I've left Phoenix at my parents house tonight so that he will get more social interaction and so he won't be bored to death while I spend most of my time sleeping.  I'm planning to get directly into bed after writing this post.  I've been on a regimen of generic dayquil, mucinex and nyquil and I stopped to get some zicam to throw into the mix as well.  I think this is the most ill I've felt in a very long time, since perhaps 2006, when I was very sick for the duration of Former Bestie's wedding celebrations.  Luckily this time I can spend most of my time resting.

This is the first time in my life that the possibility has crossed my mind that an illness like this could very seriously incapacitate me and even possibly be fatal.  I know that I'm nowhere near dead or dying but I honestly feel that this is the most ravaged I've been from an illness in at least the last ten years.  My wits are seriously dulled, I feel like my head is swimming in a foggy cloud all the time, my reaction time is much, much slower than normal, and I just feel all around slow.  On top of the flu symptoms (sinus congestion, sore throat, cough, fever, sneezing), I'm feeling very nauseated this evening and I'm just praying that I don't throw up.  I ate a wonderful dinner at my parents house and I would rather not see it again.

And so I commend myself to my bed, in sweats, with a water bottle full of water and another full of orange juice, so that by Monday morning I can go to work without fear of being unable to finish the day.

PS - I finished my taxes today.  Refund around $1,700.  Enough for a security deposit and a new laptop.  Maybe.

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