Sunday, February 20, 2011


Tonight is the first night in a loooong time, probably about a month, that I've sat down at the computer with the intention to write a blog post, without having anything else I have to do.  I mean, mostly when I sit down to write, it's like I've gotten up out of my bed because I've forgotten to write anything and then remembered while I was winding down to go to sleep.  I'm not there today.

I got up to be awake at 8am just in case the Comcast guy showed up at the beginning part of the 4 hour window I was given.  I then fell back asleep and woke up about 15 minutes before he did show up.  While he was working, I cleaned the house!  I vacuumed the stairs and my bedroom and the bathroom, all of which were in DIRE need of a good vacuum job, and I cleaned the bathroom.  I really like this bathroom because it's not tiny, and I have plenty of room for all of my things.  The only problem is that the shower head might be one of those low-volume ones, and it takes me like 5 full minutes to become fully wet, which in turn makes it take that much longer to wash all the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair and all the soap off my body.  I do not like this.  I bought a detachable shower head awhile back that I had been saving for when I did eventually move out because I have never moved into a new place that already had a detachable shower head.  I like having the option to just wash my hair some days and it's just plain easier to do that with a detachable shower head.  It's not for what those of you with gutter-minds are thinking of.  It appears that my roommates are both very eco-conscious ladies, which I find very cool (I love that we recycle!), but I worry that if I ask to replace the shower head, they'll say no.  I brought this up when I was at my parents house yesterday, and my sister suggested that I approach it from a dry-comedic standpoint and offer to pay an extra 5% of the water bill each month to make up for the difference.  Which I will be attempting to do!

Anyway, the cable did get hooked up, but it's not working great, it keeps blinking in and out.  I called Comcast to report the problem, and they reset my cable box, but that didn't work.  I asked to have someone come out and fix it tonight, but then I was watching a movie on HBO (which I get for free for three months) and it was uninterrupted and so I called and canceled the service call.  And then it started blinking again.  Such is my luck.  So I got in touch with my old friend, Nick (he doesn't read this anymore, I can use his real name now [it used to be "Dane/Kale"]), who works for Comcast, and he will probably be coming by sometime this week to fix it for me.  Which is awesome.

I had to go to my parents house today to be the "neutral party" for my sister's ex-husband to retrieve all the things that he requested in mediation.  I was not thrilled about having to do this, but I did it with a smile on my face, and I was overly pleasant to my ex-brother-in-law today, even joking around with him about how little Z had offered to help me move into my new house, but had decided he wanted it to be a secret from his dad, but then told him anyway.  After he left, he sent me a text message saying thank you for making it as easy as possible, and that he'd like to buy me a beer sometime.  I was FLOORED.  I just went into the whole thing thinking that I would be friendly as though nothing ever happened, because if I went into it with a chip on my shoulder, it would be that much more awkward altogether.  I didn't even think too much about my attitude towards him at the time.  It's just that he's used to my sister and her batshit crazy tantrums and her yelling and screaming at everyone.  I'll never forgive what he did and I pretty much hate his whole family, but there's no reason that I need to be a bitch.

I unpacked a couple more boxes and did a little grocery shopping today, too.  I'm feeling more and more settled and I like it.  I'm able to converse with Linda with a bit less awkwardness and Phoenix is getting used to Rainey a little more.  Rainey even pretty much lies down and flips onto her back to show her submissiveness to him, which I think is awesome.  He doesn't get it, but the more time they have to spend with each other, the easier it will get.  I can see that Rainey just wants attention and love, but Phoenix is NOT okay with sharing me, which I completely understand.

So, the last couple of days that I've spent more than an hour at my parents house, my mom has asked me if I've taken Phoenix on a walk or anything.  That drives me NUTS!!  That's one of the top five reasons I couldn't stand living there.  When she has days off of work, she takes him on walks to the park, but I haven't taken him on a walk in our new neighborhood yet.  I'm sort of dreading it, because Lafayette is really strict about leash-laws and I want Phoenix to be able to run around off-leash as much as he can.  I understand the need for leash-laws, especially since I am familiar with how Phoenix lunges at people who are running or bicycling by us when we're out, but since I'm new to the neighborhood, I don't want to push the boundaries yet.  I definitely want to get him a retractable leash, but I don't think they make 60' ones, and also they're like thirty bucks and I'm trying very hard to save money right now.  I will take him, but the weather has to be really super nice and it has to be the right time of day where we're not going to run into a whole shitload of people out walking their dogs.

Oh I don't want to work tomorrow.  I managed to make it 3 whole months without really hating work, but the week of working all five days and then having to go straight into showing properties on my days off has altered my attitude towards being there.  I like that I'm fitting into my job very well, and learning things about the job and about property management, plus I love being considered dependable and reliable.  I have been complaining to some of our tenants lately about how sick I am of being there, but I know that I need to keep my mouth shut before it gets back to my boss if it hasn't already.  Having the weekend always re-energizes me, and Monday I'm usually pretty fresh and not totally burned out on being there, but I'm not looking forward to working this week.  At least I had some time to relax this weekend.

Okay I need to go get into the shower (which I cleaned today).  I shower at night to save myself an extra twenty minutes in the morning.  And I love being able to go to bed early enough to get like 10 hours of sleep!

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