Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frigid - In More Ways Than One

Maybe it's come to that point, where I don't feel like writing anymore.  I sincerely hope not, but it might be the reason I keep forgetting to write.  Today was ridiculous.  The high temperature was slated to be like -7.  The HIGH temperature.  You'd think we lived in the Arctic Circle.  I had to work today, and luckily the drive to and from work wasn't too bad.  But I woke up feeling very tired and I had a sore throat, so I knew it was my turn to have whatever crud is going around right now.

Thank GOD I have tomorrow off to recoup a little.  I'm hoping I don't have to call in on Thursday, but I'm leaving that option open just in case.  I'm mad that I'm sick - it will be the third time in like 5 months that I've been sick, after spending like a year not getting sick at all.  I'm spending significantly less time sleeping, what with the changes I've been feeling in my mood and with having the kids live with us, and now having moved, sleep just isn't a priority.  It used to be at the very top of my list, but it isn't anymore.  I never thought I'd see the day.

I'm going over to look at a house tomorrow.  It's in Lafayette, which is further outside of Boulder than I want to live, but I'm going to give it a shot.  One of the two roommates (the one I've been in contact with) seems a lot like me, and they have two dogs and a big backyard and are literally like 1 block away from a lake.  You aren't allowed to swim in the lake, but it's an open space (with stupid leash laws) that P and I could potentially  use for walks and runs.  There's another house I'm thinking about looking at, and it's actually IN Boulder, but technically the lease stipulates no animals, although the person who is moving out said she doesn't care.  I asked her what the other roommates would think about having a dog but I haven't heard back from her yet.  So I have a tiny bit of wiggle room.  Plus I have about 13 more days to actually make a decision, although I would really like to not be making my decision at the last minute.

A little bit of family drama ensued yesterday.  My dad received a phone call from the Boulder County Sheriff's Department asking him why he had violated the restraining order he has against him.  He was slightly confused, as he was under the impression that the order had been lifted.  He said as much to the deputy who had made the call, and ironically the deputy made the phone call to my dad before checking to see if there was in fact a restraining order in place.  See, my sister's ex-mother-in-law saw that my dad had accompanied my sister in bringing the kids back for their 4-day visitation, and called the police to report that my dad had violated the restraining order that USED to be in place.  We're not sure if she's stupid, forgetful, or just plain spiteful and was simply just trying to cause trouble for my family, but after speaking with the deputy and reading him the paperwork my dad had stating that the restraining order had been lifted on grounds that there was no reason for it, the deputy shared with my dad that my sister's ex-mother-in-law had actually been quite crass with the deputy and demanded that he investigate (and bring my dad in) based on her word alone.

Fortunately my dad stayed level headed and friendly with the deputy and made it clear that the woman is a bitch who is just trying to cause grief and discord in the current custody proceedings, and the deputy agreed that this particular stunt would only further discredit the whore (I'm stating a fact - she's a whore.  She sleeps around and the whole family knows about it but doesn't talk about it) when it came time to put permanent orders in place regarding the kids' living situations.

I'm thrilled that I wasn't there when this all went down because I've been living in a state of reduced stress for a few days now and I finally feel like I'm starting to relax.  It's just unbelievable to me that the woman would still be trying to pull shit like this after everything has been relatively calm.

If I'm getting anything out of this, it's fear of marriage.  I worry that I'll end up having to go through something as petty and contentious as this someday and it would be even worse to have kids involved.  I'd like to just take that possibility off the table altogether by avoiding the legal aspect of it entirely.  A common law marriage or a civil union would be fine with me.  As nice as it might be to be taken care of financially, I don't ever want to be in a position where I could not support myself and/or my kids.

Blah.  My whole body hurts and I'm exhausted.  I still have to get my down comforter into my duvet cover because it's so bloody cold outside and I sleep next to the outside wall.

I got paid today.  Finally.  I can go buy food for myself and Phoenix tomorrow.  And cough medicine.  For me.  

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