Thursday, February 10, 2011

Work Work Work

I haven't got anything to write about.  I've been at work for a total of 36.75 hours this week and that is like 8 hours too much.  My ass hurts from sitting for 9.5 hours each day, and the arthritis in my hips is all flared up because I've been trying to find a comfortable sitting position for like 8 hours of each day.

Last night I wanted to go to bed early but I told Tiffany that I'd gotten Paranormal Activity 2 from Netflix, and she insisted we watch it.  I was excited to see it, so I agreed.  It was a good movie, barring the one scene that involved the dog.  But then I went to bed and dreamed about it, as though I were in the movie.  It was scary, and I feel like I didn't sleep well because of being stressed out while I was asleep.

I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday.  I might be the most glad for tomorrow's being Friday that I have ever been.  Regardless of the fact that I really haven't done a whole lot of WORK this week, I am worn out!  The fact that my hips and legs are nearly killing me I think is what is bothering me the most.

Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight.  I just want nothing more than to not have to work every day.

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