Thursday, February 24, 2011

Work = Headache

There is a lady in my office who is a therapist and she treats me like I'm the dumbest person she's ever met.  Not only does she make snide comments while she is walking down the stairs (the staircase is behind my desk so anyone walking down the stairs can see what I'm doing at the computer) about what I am doing on the computer (she seems to really hate when I'm watching a TV show), but she is one of those people who is always slipping in rude comments about what I should be doing with my time instead.  Well I was just downstairs in the kitchen toasting a bagel.  After noon, I have free reign to turn the burner on the coffee pot off, and I hadn't been down there since before noon, and when I went down there, it smelled a little like burning coffee.  This building is terribly quiet and I can hear just about everything going on anywhere in the building, and it's especially easy to hear someone approaching to walk into the kitchen, because I'm hyperaware of the fact that I don't want to have to stand in the kitchen and make small talk with most of the people who work in this building and the kitchen is tiny.  Anyway, I am standing there at the toaster waiting for my bagel, and this lady comes in and goes,

"I smell something burning." 
And I asked her, "Is it coffee?" 
She says "Yeah, do you know about it?"
I said "Yeah, I just turned it off." 

And she turned around and walked out.  To me, it seemed like she knew I was down there and came down specifically to ask me if I smelled coffee burning.  I couldn't smell the coffee until I had actually walked into the kitchen, and I didn't see her actually using the kitchen in any way, but she felt the need to walk in there.  What it comes down to is that I was standing in a room in which there was a very distinct smell, and she walked into the room and asked me if I smelled it.  I want so badly to catch her at some point before she leaves for the day and ask her, "Did you think I was just standing in the kitchen ignoring the smell of burning coffee, or do you think I didn't smell it?  Or that I wasn't going to do something about it?"  But I will get in trouble.  The last time I yelled at a tenant I had what I might equivocate to tenure at my job and there was very little I could do that would get me fired.  As I have only just reached the 90-day mark at this job today, I don't think I can go about telling our tenants exactly what I think of them and not get fired.  So I will be keeping all of this inside.  Or written down, anyway. 

And now I have what is probably a migraine coming on.  And I have one and a half hours left of work.  Hopefully I can get rid of it and enjoy a little of the time I am going to be spending with my parents tonight when I have dinner over there.  I would really like to be able to write another post today, but this will have to suffice if I can't get around to it....

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