Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Transition

Whoa.  Today was long!  While I didn't have to go in to work and sit at the desk for nine and a half hours today, I did learn how to show the apartments my company has available for lease all over Downtown Boulder.  So that was cool.  I wouldn't pay like $900 a month for any of their studio apartments.  The houses they're in were built in 1905 so the architecture is really cool, but they're pretty crappy.

Then I got so much stuff done!  I got my key copied for my mom, while also getting a copy of my car key to keep at my new place.  I deposited my check and got my security deposit taken care of.  I finally found the special light bulb I needed for my fancy lamp.  I got two cases of canned dog food, picked up my prescription, got a box out of storage, and got the rest of my stuff out of Tiffany's house.  I also got a new prescription for my contacts and a new pair of glasses, and I paid off the rest of my doctor's bill at my doctor's office.  Phoenix got to hang out with my mom, as did I, and I got to watch the last episode of the IBM Jeopardy challenge.

Oh!  And yesterday, I paid my CU Continuing Education bill off, which was what kept a hold on my account and prevented my application for readmission from going through.  So now I officially owe NO MONEY to the University of Colorado at Boulder and I can officially go back to school!!

I'm starting to get worried that Phoenix is not going to ever get along with Rainey (Linda's dog) because he keeps snapping at her and is really protective of me.  Nali, Meredi's dog, on the other hand, he's fine with.  He even let her get up on my bed with him, but he won't even let Rainey in our room.  I think part of it is that Rainey can see that I'm a dog person and that I will pay attention to her, and so she seeks attention from me, but Phoenix is worried that she's going to steal me away or something.  I don't know how to get him to relax! What's funny, though, is that I can totally see what it means when people say that dogs resemble their owners.  I can see that Nali's personality is a lot like Meredi's and I would venture to guess that people can see that Phoenix is a lot like me.  I think it's safe to say that Rainey is a lot like Linda, and I think that Phoenix doesn't like Linda, either.  I'm working on it.  She's just not the friendliest person, that's all.  Meredi on the other hand is bubbly and friendly and sweet.

I reopened my eHarmony account and have been using the guided communication with a few guys.  The problem with the free communication offers is that they don't allow users to see pictures without paying for a subscription.  I am certainly considering paying for a subscription, I just want to make sure that I have plenty of money left over after I pay all my bills off.  I want to put some serious effort into using online dating but unfortunately, physical attraction is super important to me and there sure are a lot of uggos out there.  They might have a great personality but I absolutely have to be physically attracted to them from moment one.

My mood was good all day.  I tried really hard to just be in the moment and not stress over all the stuff I needed to get done.  That probably helped a lot.  Okay.  I'm exhausted.  It's bedtime.  Work all day tomorrow, but I don't think I have to worry about Phoenix because my mom is probably going to come and get him tomorrow morning.  Thank GOD.

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