Sunday, February 13, 2011

Step Towards the Future

It's been a long day. I'm writing this while listening to bad county covers at a bar called I Love This Bar - Toby Keith's. It's ridiculous. And Tiffany is sooooooooooo drunk. She's so drunk she's also crying. And momentarily helping me write this blog. Either way I am at this bar unwillingly. I hate county music. With a passion. And passion is not a word to be taken lightly.

The night began with the Slumber Party at which I bought my first vibrator. I don't often address sex on my blog but it's an important milestone to make note of. Apparently I may be the first 26 year old on the planet that does not own some kind of pleasure-myself-apparatus. I am no stranger to the realm of sex toys but I've always been apprehensive about toys to use for myself. So there's that.

Most of my day today was spent moving my large-ish furniture. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the rest of it done. Either way, I'm sleeping at my new house tomorrow night. I hope. Leaving Phoenix there all by himself for 9.5 hours for the first time may be challenging.

I am still at the country crap bar. You guys remember Odd Guy? Yeah, we went out him him and Mr. Roomie tonight. Is he making out with random trashy bar chick right now? Yup. So that's fun. I've been asking to leave for like 30 minutes now but to no avail. And I'm the driver. Bullshit. The things I'll do for Tiffany. I've been thinking a lot about Former Bestie the last couple of days. I miss her like crazy, but I'm not sure I can handle being her friend without feeling competitive with or jealous of her. I caught p on her Facebook just now (out of boredom, and effort to not watch Odd Guy maing out with Trashy Chick), to see what her life has been like, and I definitely got depressed. Partly because I'm not around to go dress shopping with her, but partly because she's moving forward with her engagement. Maybe it will be good. I feel the need to be happy for her and excited for her movement towards a different life for herself and her kid, but I'm just not there yet. I'd like to try harder in the next few weeks to be accepting of her situation without being envious and competitive. I think it shall take a bit more time.

I have to attempt to talk Tiffany into leaving now. It's time for the night to end. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog written on location this evening.

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